Donor Drives Organized Around Tri-State To Find Match For 4-Year-Old Leukemia Patient Ayden ParedesFour-year-old Ayden Paredes loves to play in the park, but playing video games is the next best thing while he undergoes chemotherapy treatment.
Kathy Griffin Announces She Has Lung CancerThe 60-year-old posted to social media that she was undergoing surgery to have a portion of her left lung removed.
Girls Donate Hair To Charity Specializing In Wigs For Children With CancerThere's nothing more rewarding than helping people in need. These two girls from New York learned that at an early age. They donated their hair for a good cause.
Kevin Boseman Excited 'And Nervous' For Dance Against Cancer Performance Following Brother Chadwick's DeathDance Against Cancer brings music back to the stage for a star-studded performance benefiting the American Cancer Society.
Researchers Launching Study To Determine How Effective COVID Vaccines Are For Cancer Patients, SurvivorsExperts recommend most cancer patients and survivors receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but there are some unknowns.
Online Pharmacy And Lab Says Some Popular Sunscreen Products Contain A Known Cancer-Causing ChemicalWith summer fast approaching, we're reminded to use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer.
Doctors Say Yearly 'Melanoma Monday' Serves As Reminder To Get Your Skin Checked RegularlyDid you know that Monday is "Melanoma Monday?" Sounds cute, right? But melanoma is no laughing matter. It's the deadliest of all skin cancers and has been on the rise.
Doctors Urge Those 50 And Older To Be Diligent About Colon Cancer Screenings; 'It's Actually Completely Preventable'Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center stresses the importance of resuming vital screenings, as young onset colorectal cancer is on the rise.
Yale Researchers Discover Cancerous Skin Tumors May Be Treated With Direct Injection Of Nanoparticles, Which Are Key To COVID VaccinesNanoparticles, a key element to Moderna's and Phizer's COVID vaccines, could make treating cancer as easy as a simple skin injection.
7-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Inspires Other Young Patients By Delivering Special Socks To Manhattan Children's HospitalA young cancer survivor is on a mission to inspire others and pay it forward... with socks.
Jeff Bridges Starting Treatment After Being Diagnosed With LymphomaJeff Bridges announced Monday evening he has been diagnosed with lymphoma and is starting treatment.