Lung Cancer Survivors On Long Island Rave About Immunotherapy, Which Doctors Say Is Akin To A Cure For SomeThere was an inspiring gathering Monday on Long Island. Survivors of lung cancer celebrated life.
Doctors Rolling Out Experimental Blood Test That May Be Able To Detect Over 50 Types Of CancerThe American Cancer Society says 71% of cancer deaths come from types of cancer that have no recommended screening test.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Doctors Say Youth And General Good Health Don't Mean You're ImmuneIn this Breast Cancer Awareness Month there is an important message for young women.
A 'Survivor' In More Ways Than One: Ethan Zohn, Winner Of 'Survivor: Africa', Raising Blood Cancer AwarenessLymphoma is the most common form of blood cancer in adults and one man who is a survivor - in every sense of the word - is now sharing his story of hope. 
Endurance Athlete Rowing 200 Miles On Stationary Machine To Raise Money For Cancer ResearchThe event is to raise $300,000 for the Multiple Myeloma Cancer Research Foundation.
Prostate Cancer Awareness: Regular PSA Blood Tests, Early Detection Key Factors For Men At RiskThere will be almost a quarter of a million prostate cancer diagnoses this year and more than 34,000 patients will die. Even worse, Black men are more than twice as likely to die from it.
9/11 20 Years Later: No Regrets From First Responders Suffering Chronic Illness From Ground Zero Toxins; 'Our City Needed Us'Dust from the collapse of the Twin Towers contained a toxic brew of pulverized glass, metals and asbestos – a plume that later caused 68 different cancers.
New Melanoma Treatment Uses Patient's Own Immune System To Fight Their CancerClinical trials of so-called TIL therapy for melanoma found tumors shrank or remained stable in four out of five patients, and many saw results in just a few weeks.
Donor Drives Organized Around Tri-State To Find Match For 4-Year-Old Leukemia Patient Ayden ParedesFour-year-old Ayden Paredes loves to play in the park, but playing video games is the next best thing while he undergoes chemotherapy treatment.
Kathy Griffin Announces She Has Lung CancerThe 60-year-old posted to social media that she was undergoing surgery to have a portion of her left lung removed.
Girls Donate Hair To Charity Specializing In Wigs For Children With CancerThere's nothing more rewarding than helping people in need. These two girls from New York learned that at an early age. They donated their hair for a good cause.