Sandra Lee, TV Host & Gov. Cuomo’s Girlfriend, To Be Honored For Breast Cancer DocumentaryLee sits down with CBS2's Dana Tyler to talk about her mission to make mammograms more accessible.
Four-Time Cancer Survivor Spreads Message Of PerseveranceBreast cancer is the most common cancer among American women and October is breast cancer awareness month.
Eating Processed Meats Associated With Higher Risk For Breast Cancer, Research ShowsProcessed meats include bacon, ham, sausage, hot dogs, and deli meats.
Obesity To Overtake Smoking As Top Preventable Cause Of Cancer In WomenA new report in Britain estimates 23,000 British women will be diagnosed with obesity-related cancers by 2035.
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Baby Poop 'Cocktail' May Help Fight Cancer, Researchers ClaimA team of scientists is claiming that baby poop contains beneficial bacteria that can be turned into a cancer-fighting "cocktail."