Komen Connection: Doctors Urge Women To Get Breast Screenings Now, Don't Wait For Pandemic To EndIt's not just breast screenings that shouldn't be delayed; it's also colonoscopies, PSA test for prostate cancer, even skin cancer checks are all still important and should not be put off.
Fight On, Girls: Sisters, 11 And 9, Start Children's Cancer Foundation With Piggy Bank, But Have Since Gone GlobalElana Koenig has already beaten cancer. Her focus now is helping others beat it, too.
National Cancer Survivor's Day: Patty Steele On Being A Cancer 'Thriver'Patty Steele has been a rock and roll radio legend in New York for over 30 years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer six years. She has a different take on what it means to be a survivor. 
Coronavirus Update: Amid Pandemic, Treatment Must Continue For Patients With Underlying IllnessesOne doctors says he's seeing some patients skip critical treatments out of fear of contracting the coronavirus.
NJ Teen Recruits Fellow Hockey Players To Raise Thousands Of Dollars For Children Fighting CancerThe players are all getting ready for a fundraising hockey game at American Dream in East Rutherford on March 27.
Gov. Murphy Undergoes Surgery To Remove Part Of KidneyNew Jersey's Lt. Gov. Shelia Oliver described the surgery as "successful" and said Murphy is now resting. 
N.J. Gov. Murphy Announces He Has Tumor On His Kidney, Will Have SurgeryNew Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy will have surgery next month to remove a tumor on his kidney, he announced on Saturday.
Shannen Doherty Reveals Her Breast Cancer Is Back: 'I'm Stage Four'Actress Shannen Doherty was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, and said in an interview Tuesday that the cancer has returned.
American Heart Month: Understanding The Link Between Heart Disease And Cancer TreatmentSome people may not be aware of the link between heart disease and cancer treatment. As Dr. Max Gomez reported Monday, sometimes life-saving treatments can also damage the heart.
Kids Fighting Cancer Hope Diddy Joins In Their Anthem Rework Of 'Bad Boy For Life'A viral video staring young cancer patients is warming the hearts of thousands across the country, but those who made it say their mission isn't done until they get a famous rapper to watch it.
California Lab Finds New Clues In Popular Heartburn Drug's Possible Cancer LinkThe popular heartburn drug ranitidine, the generic form of Zantac, was linked to cancer in September, prompting some voluntary recalls of the drug and an investigation by the Food and Drug Administration.