Study: Exercise Can Be Powerful Medicine For CancerIn some ways, it's the last thing a cancer patient expects to hear from their doctor: Get out and exercise.
How To Reduce The Risk Of Developing Breast CancerMore than 331,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year, according to the American Cancer Society.
Male Breast Cancer In The Spotlight After Beyonce's Father Reveals Stunning DiagnosisIt's rare, but not so much that men can ignore it. About one in a hundred cases of breast cancer will be found in men. That works out to about 2,000 men with breast cancer every year in the U.S.
Misunderstandings About Breast Cancer Remain Despite Developments In Detection, TreatmentThe first misconception is that breast cancer is one disease.
'You Got This. Girl, Keep Fighting': Woman Battling Cancer Gets Unexpected Lift From 2 NYPD OfficersThere was an emotional reunion Tuesday between a cancer patient and two police officers who jumped in to help the young woman in a difficult moment.
Woman Fighting Cancer Takes To Social Media To Thank 2 NYPD Officers For Their Help, EncouragementAfter her Instagram post about the experience gained traction, Demassi was able to find and meet with the officers this weekend to thank them personally.
NYPD Officers Help Cancer Patient Stuck In Traffic, Escort Her Through Gridlock Caused By U.N. General AssemblyGabriela DeMassi says two NYPD officers volunteered to escort her and her parents through Thursday morning's jam
More High Blood Pressure Medications Recalled Due To Cancer Risk, FDA WarnsThe FDA announced on Thursday that Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited is recalling several batches of their Losartan Potassium tablets.
Generic Versions Of Heartburn Drug Zantac Pulled From Distribution Over Cancer-Causing ChemicalNDMA is the same carcinogen that prompted a massive recall of several blood pressure medications in July.
Cancer-Causing Substance Discovered In Common Heartburn Drug Zantac, FDA SaysAccording to the FDA on Friday, small amounts of N-nitrosodimethylamine – or NDMA – were discovered in the drug Zantac.
New York Students Shave Heads To Support Their Friend Dealing With Rare Form Of CancerJake Warnock had his best friend's initials along with the number one shaved into his buzzed brown hair.