9/11 CBS2 Tuesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesMorning grey is gone, allowing for some brightening around the area. That said, the added heat combined with the lift from a nearby cold front will allow for some showers and storms to develop.
9/10 CBS2 Monday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesIt's a bit gloomy out there this afternoon with grey skies and occasional rounds of rain. Nothing the umbrella can't handle, but it's a day you'll certainly want to have it handy.
9/8 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather HeadlinesExpect clouds to stick around for most of the weekend, and a little rain too.
9/7 CBS2 Friday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesWe endured some sultry tropical heat the last few days, but we're finally feeling some relief!
9/7 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesToday we start off in the low 70s (yes, even some 60s) around the area. There are a few showers likely throughout the day but none are heavy.
9/6 CBS2 Thursday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesHigh heat and humidity will yield “feels like” temps of around 100° this afternoon. This will allow for a few pop-up storms to develop ahead of our cold front, meaning you’ll want to keep the umbrella handy.
9/5 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesIt's another hot one out there today with muggy conditions still in place. The NWS went ahead and extended the heat advisory until this evening for the city, northeast NJ, and much of Hudson Valley.
9/5 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather HeadlinesTemps are slightly cooler in the 80s, but it will be a little stickier, so it will still feel like the 90s.