Demanding Answers: New York Officials Still Say It's Feds' Job To Monitor International Passengers, But Customs, CDC Not TalkingHundreds of international flights that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has blamed for causing the coronavirus outbreak continue to fly to our area.
Demanding Answers: Flights From Countries Hard Hit By Coronavirus Still Coming, So Are Precautions In Place?CBS2 has learned some of the same international flights that have long been blamed for causing coronavirus to explode in our area are still operating.
CBS2 Demands Answers, Gets Action: New Safety Signals Installed At Dangerous New Jersey CrosswalkNew signs, fresh paint, and flashing lights were installed at the busy intersection of Garden Place and River Road in Edgewater. It’s all in an effort to curb pedestrian accidents and increase safety.
Beach Bums: CBS2 Demanding Answers From New Jersey Town Charging Low Income Families To Use Public BeachIt may have been a gorgeous beach day down the shore, but the fun in the sun doesn't come free. A season pass costs some New Jersey residents $70 and that isn't affordable at all.
CBS2 Demanding Answers: Disabled Seniors Feel Like They're Under House Arrest Due To Broken ElevatorWith their walkers, groceries and canes, getting up the stairs at the Grace Houses is an uphill battle.
CBS2 Demanding Answers: Disabled Seniors Trapped In Queens Residential Building With No ElevatorDisabled seniors have been forced to take the stairs in their housing development because of an elevator that's been out for almost two months.
CBS2 Demands Answers From New Jersey Leaders On Their Plan To Address Ancient Hudson River TunnelNew Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy governor and his state's Congressional delegation took a high-profile tour of the deteriorating Hudson River rail tunnel.
CBS2 Demands Answers From Sen. Schumer Over His Past Voting History On Border ControlIt may turn out to be the burning question of the government shutdown: Just what is the definition of a wall?
USPS Finally Delivers Mail To Bedridden Queens Man In Need Of MedicationFor many residents in one Queens community it hasn’t been a matter of when the mail will arrive, it’s been a question of if their packages will ever be delivered.
'It's Frustrating:' Queens Residents Still Dealing With Winter Storm DamageThey say they've been waiting more than four months for the city to fix damaged sidewalks in front of their homes.
CBS2 Demanding Answers: What's In The Foley Square Fountain?If you've been by the fountain in Foley Square lately, you've probably noticed the cloudy green water.