CDC Releases New Information On Breakthrough COVID Cases Involving Fully Vaccinated IndividualsAccording to the CDC, there have been 1,949 so-called "breakthrough" cases involving patients who were hospitalized or who died.
Mask Mandate No More For Fully Vaccinated People In Connecticut: 'It's Such A Relief... We've All Been Waiting For This'A Stamford salon owner says it feels like a new day now that the updated CDC guidance is in effect in Connecticut. 
To Mask Or Not To Mask Pits The Cautious Among Us Against Those Strongly In Favor Of Personal ChoiceStarting Wednesday, New York will follow the new CDC mask guidance. It means that fully vaccinated state residents can take their masks off, inside and outside in most places, regardless of crowd size.
NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi Says He Will Not Follow Updated CDC Mask Guidance: 'I'll Be Keeping My Mask On Indoors In Almost All Settings'Chokshi is recommending continued mask use in many indoor settings until more people are fully vaccinated, and he says he will keep his mask on, too.
Exclusive: Whistleblower Alleges Queens Company Ordered Health Clinic Workers To Over Dilute Doses Of COVID VaccineA whistleblower has accused a company in New York City of administering over-diluted doses of COVID-19 vaccine.
New York State To Adopt New CDC Guidelines For Vaccinated People Starting This Wednesday, Cuomo SaysMasks will still be required for everyone in certain settings, like schools, nursing homes and public transportation.
Confused About COVID-19 Mask Guidance? Here's The Current State Of Play In New York CityWith many restrictions loosening up, there has been some confusion over mask guidelines.
COVID Restrictions In New Jersey: Gov. Phil Murphy Says Indoor Mask Mandate Will Remain In Place Despite New CDC GuidanceMurphy says New Jersey has worked hard to get people vaccinated and bring infection rates down, and he wants progress to continue.
New CDC Guidance Leaves Some Ready To Toss Their Masks, Others More HesitantNew Yorkers have different comfort levels when it comes to ditching their masks.
CDC: COVID-19 Variant That First Emerged In NYC Is Not More Dangerous Than Other VariantsThe agency says by April, the variant accounted for 40% of COVID-19 cases in the city.
CDC Says Anxiety Causes Some COVID Vaccine Side Effects, Not The Shot ItselfThis includes fainting, dizziness, nausea, racing hearts or even chest pain.