High School Students Who Hadn't Been Born On 9/11 Plant Flags To Never ForgetWith each flag they place in the ground, it’s a moment to reflect about those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.
NJ Nursing Home Assistant Charged In 85-Year-Old Patient's DeathThe nursing assistant allegedly didn't seek help after the woman fell and suffered a head injury.
NJ Councilman Caught On Camera Disturbing Voters In Their Homes Hours After Election EndedPolice came and checked out the ring video and found a man in a suit seen rifling through a stack of papers on her doorstep.
Cedar Grove Swimming Hole Is Filthy And Dangerous, Neighbors SaySome say a dangerous and deadly swimming hole is ruining their neighborhood in Cedar Grove, New Jersey.
Bicycle Rider Dies After Going Over Cliff In Cedar GrovePolice say the 49-year-old was found dead at the scene at Mills Reservation County Park. 
High School Softball Pitcher Ends Regular Season With Incredible String Of Games17-year-old softball ace Mia Faieta showed CBS2's Lou Young some of the weapons in her pitching arsenal after completing a remarkable three no-hitters to finish her regular season at Cedar Grove High School.
From Long Island To New Jersey Deer Have Been Darting Out In Front Of DriversDeer can be a serious problem on the roads during the autumn months. Deer have been darting out in front of drivers from Suffolk County, Long Island to Cedar Grove, N.J.
Police: Pocketbook Theft Caught On Video At Supermarket In Cedar GroveOne woman was shopping for groceries when an opportunistic thief took advantage of a 10 second gap in her attention.
Residents Of Cedar Grove, Church Locked In Battle Over Plans To RebuildA New Jersey church has proposed rebuilding, and some say expanding, but neighbors fighting it say “not on our street.”
Cedar Grove, N.J. Man Captures Meteor Streak On DashcamA New Jersey man may have the only video of a meteor that flew overhead Monday night.
Long Lost Letters From World War II Finally Make It To Cedar Grove FamilySome people may see them as pieces of history, but for the loved ones of the now deceased G.I. who wrote them, dozens of letters and keepsakes from World War II are precious memories.