COVID Vaccine: Evidence Presented At CDC Meeting Shows Benefits Of Pfizer Shots To Children 12-15 Outweigh NegativesAssuming the CDC does give its approval, as early as Thursday you can get your child a shot here in New York City at one of the more than 250 sites that offer the Pfizer vaccine.
COVID Vaccine: CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez Offers Advice To Parents Whose Children Get Pfizer ShotsThe Pfizer vaccine for teens and tweens is the same as for adults. The same two doses three weeks apart have proven to be extraordinarily safe and even 100% effective in clinical trials on adolescents.
COVID Impact: Experts Say Loosening Of Mask-Wearing Restrictions Indoors Will Depend On Handful Of FactorsVaccination against COVID-19 continues to go up and the Centers for Disease Control is loosening some of its outdoor mask-wearing guidelines.
COVID Progress: NYS Legislature Considering Bill Allowing Pharmacies To Administer All Vaccines Recommended By CDCState lawmakers want pharmacies to play an even bigger role in vaccine distribution, long after the coronavirus pandemic is over.
COVID Progress: CDC Announces What Fully Vaccinated People Can DoCDC Director Rochelle Walensky announced the highly anticipated guidance during a White House COVID-19 briefing Monday.
CDC Study Cautions: Although COVID Doesn't Really Spread In Schools, Success Also Depends On Communities' ActionsThe Centers for Disease Control says the risk of COVID-19 spreading in schools is small and based on new research it says schools can reopen during the pandemic.
New Campaign Out To Help More Mothers Survive Complications During Pregnancy And ChildbirthIn a powerful new PSA campaign, the Centers for Disease Control wants you to hear the stories of mothers who almost lost their lives while trying to have a baby.
Coronavirus Update: First U.S. Patient Tests Positive Without Traveling AbroadThis comes as the CDC urges the public to prepare for the "inevitable" spread of the coronavirus within the country.
Coming To Work Sick No Act Of Heroics For Your Co-WorkersA survey from Accountemps found 90% of professional employees admit they sometimes go to the office sick.
Vaping Facts Versus Fiction: Nicotine, THC And The New Mystery IllnessThough there are varying conclusions in health research findings on tobacco and marijuana, the range strikes some as jarring after generations of Americans being told smoking endangers their health.
New York Issues Stricter Rules On Vaccine Medical ExemptionsThe new regulations aim to keep people from obtaining medical exemptions for non-medical reasons.