Grizzly Bears Betty And Veronica Make First Public Appearance At Central Park ZooIt's frigid outside but Central Park Zoo newcomers Betty and Veronica find their new quarters quite cozy.
Rep. Maloney Working To Bring Black And White Pandas To New YorkIn the animal world black and white pandas could be considered tops, at least price-wise. The Guinness Book of World Records lists them as the most expensive animal to keep in captivity.
Grizzly Bears Betty And Veronica Moving Into New Home At Central Park ZooThe two bears have been at the Bronx Zoo since 1995 and will be getting new digs at the Central Park Zoo.
Boy Lost In NYC Calls It 'Greatest Day Of My Life'A 9-year-old boy who got separated from his family at the Central Park Zoo says being lost for two hours in New York City was the greatest day of his life.
Hillary Clinton Returns To NYC To Continue Book TourClinton's first book tour stop in Union Square on Tuesday morning attracted around 1,000 people.
Snow Leopard Cubs Born At Central Park Zoo Make Their DebutThey currently weigh in at about 30 pounds each, but are expected to grow to 65-120 pounds.
Rare Waterfowl Hatch At Central Park ZooDuck, duck, goose! The Central Park Zoo is seeing a baby boom among rare and endangered waterfowl.
Central Park Zoo Polar Bear Gus Dies At 27Gus lived a long life by polar bear standards. Male polar bears in zoos have a median life expectancy of less than 21 years, according to the WCS.
Pattycake, First Gorilla Born In NYC, Dies At 40Pattycake was born on Sept. 3, 1972 at the Central Park Zoo and lived there with her parents Kongo and Lulu. In 1983, she went to live at the Bronx Zoo. Two books were written about her.
Rare Crested Coua Chick Hatches At Central Park ZooWith this successful hatching, the Central Park Zoo is only the fourth zoo in the U.S. to have successfully reared a coua chick.
Peacock Strutting The Streets Of Queens; No Reports Of Missing PeacockKew Gardens residents said the peacock's been in the neighborhood for at least a week. Officials from a nearby zoo and botanical garden say they are not missing a peacock. So far, the colorful bird has eluded animal care and control officials.