CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Apologizes For Getting Involved In Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Sex Harassment ScandalChris Cuomo responded to a story in the Washington Post claiming he joined a series of conference calls with the governor's staff.
Cuomo Administration Reportedly Prioritized Governor's Family, Well-Connected New Yorkers For Early COVID TestsThe New York State Assembly committee investigating the possible impeachment of Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expanding its probe.
Coronavirus: Ballet Fever Dreams On Display As Cuomo Brothers Joke Around In COVID-19 BriefingGov. Andrew Cuomo's daily coronavirus briefing turned into The Cuomo Brothers show Thursday when his younger brother, journalist Chris Cuomo, joined through a video chat from his home while under quarantine due to COVID-19.
Coronavirus Update: Chris Cuomo, Brother Of NY Governor, Tests Positive For COVID-19Gov. Andrew Cuomo tried to answer the question on everyone's mind on Tuesday.
'Fredo-Gate' Blows Up In Social Media After CNN Chris Cuomo's Rant Over Heckler's CommentA video of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo going ballistic after a heckler calls him "Fredo" has gone viral, sparking a new discussion about ethnic slurs.
Gov. Cuomo Getting Hand Surgery After Basketball InjuryThe governor recently tore a ligament in his right hand while playing basketball with his younger brother, Chris Cuomo.
CNN's Chris Cuomo Rescues Man Caught In Riptide In HamptonsThe "New Day" anchor was on his fishing boat near Shelter Island's Sunset Beach on Sunday when he spotted the man struggling in the Peconic River.
Dennis Rodman Admits Drinking Before CNN MeltdownRodman apologized Thursday for comments about captive American missionary Kenneth Bae in North Korea: "I take full responsibility for my actions. It had been a very stressful day."