De Blasio 'Disgusted' By Christie's Refugee Comments, Shows Picture Of Dead Syrian BoyThe war of words between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over Syrian refugees headed for the United States is heating up.
Christie Slams Obama, Says U.S. Should Not Be Taking Cuba Off Of Terror WatchlistOn the same day the Obama administration formally removed Cuba from a U.S. terrorism blacklist, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie decried the decison.
Christie Omits NJ’s ‘Transportation Trust Fund’ From Budget AddressGov. Chris Christie made news on the state's beleaguered Transportation Trust Fund this week by not mentioning it in his 25-minute budget address.
Feds Subpoena Christie's Re-Election Campaign, GOP Committee Over 'Bridgegate'The subpoenas will force Christie's political arm to turn over such things as: emails, texts, phone messages, and records dealing with the decision to close access lanes from Fort Lee to the bridge in September – if they indeed exist.
Bruce Springsteen Parodies 'Bridge-Gate' On Late Night TVGov. Chris Christie's favorite rock star had something to say about the bridge scandal that's cost a couple Christie loyalists their jobs.
Christie Leaves Door Open To Possible Presidential Run"If the time comes and I change my mind on that and I want to do something else, I will tell the people of New Jersey I want to do some thing else," Christie said.
Gov. Christie Releases Report On Personal Medical HistoryThe two-page letter from his cardiologist says the 51-year-old Christie has no medical limitations and is ``fit to serve as governor.''
Chris Christie Says Weight Wouldn't Be Problem If He Became President Gov. Chris Christie says he is "more than a little'' overweight -- but fit enough to be in the White House.
Christie Gushes About 'Bromance' With Springsteen On 'The Daily Show'New Jersey Gov. Christie cannot stop talking about his new BFF Bruce Springsteen.
Poll: New Yorkers Give Pols, Bloomberg's Signer Lydia Callis High Sandy Grades Who was the apple of New Yorker's eyes during and after Hurricane Sandy?
Long Lines And Short Tempers Persist At Gas Stations As Fuel Shortage ContinuesFuel delivery and distribution problems caused by Sandy have been easing and more gas is on its way into the area, according to the governor.