'They Are The Heroes Of New York': Christmas Tree Home Delivery Company Giving Back To FDNYYou can get just about anything delivered to your door in the Big Apple. Even a Christmas tree.
Christmas Trees Find A New Purpose As Useful Weapons Against Erosion In New JerseyHelp to protect the environment in the Garden State is coming from a surprisingly festive source.
Discarded Christmas Trees Creating Sanitation Backlog On Streets Of NYC"We don't collect them on specific days, so don't worry," Commissioner Katherine Garcia said earlier this month. "Leave it out there and we will take care of it."
Which Is Better: Real Or Artificial Christmas Tree?The Christmas Tree Promotion Board's million-dollar social media campaign is fighting to preserve the tradition by encouraging Americans to "keep it real."
CBS2 Has Your Christmas Tree Safety TipsChristmas trees are selling fast, and on Thursday fire officials warned of their dangers by showing how quickly they can go up in flames.
Ready To Buy A Christmas Tree? Why Experts Say To Wait A Little WhileA new report by the National Christmas tree association shows Christmas trees cost about $77 on Black Friday, and spike to around $81 on Cyber Monday.
New Jersey Sisters Grow Up Alongside Their ‘Forever Trees’Small trees have come to represent a big message in New Jersey. The Christmas trees will stay planted forever to honor two girls in Monmouth County.
Invasive 'Spotted Lanternfly' Threatening This Year's Christmas Tree CropWith wings coated in black and red spots and a body of bold yellow, the spotted lanternfly could soon be hitching a ride home with you from the farm.
Amazon To Sell Fresh, Full-Sized Christmas TreesAmazon says the Christmas trees, including Douglas firs and Norfolk Island pines, will be bound and shipped without water in the usual sort of box.
Can't Miss Christmas Trees In NYThe city transforms into a holiday wonderland every December, thanks in part to its many magnificent trees!
Many Worried About Christmas Tree Shortage This Holiday SeasonWith rumblings of a Christmas tree shortage, many are left wondering whether there are enough trees for everyone this holiday season.