Drink Up: Study Claims 25 Cups Of Coffee In A Day Won't Harm Your HeartThe study examined 8,000 people in the United Kingdom and found that the biggest coffee drinkers had no more hardening of the arteries than people who only drank a small amount.
CBD-Infused Coffee Growing In PopularityCBD comes from plants in the cannabis family, but unlike marijuana, it won't make you high. It's expected to be a $20 billion dollar industry by 2022.
Taking A Trip Through Time At McNulty's Tea And CoffeeAs a teen, David Wong worked for the McNulty family at their Greenwich Village institution. Today, he's the owner.
Science: The Secret In Coffee To Ward Off Alzheimer's and Parkinson's DiseasesScientists have long said coffee can protect your brain and fight memory loss, and now they may have found out why.
Celebrate National Coffee Day With Deals & DiscountsCoffee lovers, rejoice! Saturday is National Coffee Day, and we’re spilling the beans about the deals.
IBM Wants To Make Coffee-Delivering Drones That Monitor You At WorkIBM has filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for their idea of a camera-equipped drone that hovers over you, watching your pupil dilation and facial expressions to judge if you need more coffee.
Study: 4 Cups Of Coffee Could Protect Your HeartGerman researchers say caffeine promotes the movement of a regulatory protein that can protect cardiovascular cells from damage.
65,000 Coffee Bean Cans Recalled, Lids Can 'Detach Suddenly'Coffee producer Illy has recalled 65,000 cans of their whole coffee beans after finding that the lids could burst off and injure customers.
Drinking 3 To 4 Cups Of Joe A Day Could Help You Live Longer, Researchers FindGood news for java drinkers everywhere, especially if you're already past your first cup!
Drinking Coffee May Help You Live Longer, Studies SuggestTwo new studies found consuming more coffee -- either caffeinated or decaf -- could lower your risk of death.
Starbucks Unveils Color-Changing 'Unicorn Frappuccino'It will be available from April 19 to April 23 in the United States, Canada and Mexico, with a 12-ounce size containing 280 calories.