Incoming Gov. Kathy Hochul Meets With New York City School Parents, Mayor, And Public AdvocateCBS2 cameras were the only ones there when she entered the building for a series of key meetings.
Future Of Congestion Pricing Is Now In Soon-To-Be Gov. Hochul's Hands, But Officials Preparing As If It's Still A GoIt's a question on the minds of many commuters -- will congestion pricing still come to New York City without Gov. Andrew Cuomo steering the train?
New Jersey Congressman Says New York Is Trying To 'Mooch Off' Of Jersey With Congestion Pricing PlanThey say Garden State commuters are already paying enough in tolls before they get to the city.
De Blasio Blasts MTA Over Congestion Pricing DelaysThe mayor presented the MTA with a fake $15 billion check Tuesday, saying that implementing congestion pricing would effectively invest that same amount into the city's mass transit. 
MTA Plans To Widen Parts Of Belt Parkway While Mayor De Blasio Pushes For Congestion PricingTransit advocates argue the MTA's plan to add a lane of traffic to the Belt Parkway would only attract more cars to the road.
Commuters Say Traffic In New York City Is An Accident Waiting To HappenSome neighbors believe congestion pricing could reduce traffic by charging a fee to drivers commuting during peak hours.
Lawmakers Demand Federal Review Of Congestion Pricing's Impact On Commuters From New JerseyAfter years of roadblocks, the Biden administration gave New York the green light to start charging drivers entering Manhattan below 60th Street.
Feds: NYC Congestion Pricing Plan Can Move ForwardThe U.S. Department of Transportation is allowing New York to begin its federally required environmental assessment of congestion pricing. 
MTA's Controversial Congestion Pricing Plan Could Be Delayed Until At Least 2023The plan was expected to add $15 billion to the MTA's capital plan and reduce congestion.
MTA Officials: Coronavirus Likely To Prevent Congestion Pricing From Starting In January 2021The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's controversial congestion pricing plan is another victim of the coronavirus pandemic.
Gov. Cuomo Says Feds Must First Approve Congestion Pricing Before Toll Charge Can Be DeterminedIt's the burning question tens of thousands of people who drive into and around Manhattan want to know: What is the plan for congestion pricing?