Congestion Pricing For For-Hire Vehicles In Manhattan Takes Effect SaturdayThat means hailing a taxi or calling a car, like Uber or Lyft, will cost more when you head into the busiest parts of the borough.
Judge Extends Block Of Congestion Pricing Plan Through Jan. 31A judge ruled that the restraining order blocking Manhattan congestion pricing on yellow cabs and for-hire vehicles will remain in effect until Jan. 31.
Middle Class Tax Cuts, Aid For Poor Schools And More: Gov. Cuomo Unveils 100 Day Priorities At State Of The State Budget AddressFrom tax cuts to legalizing marijuana, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday unveiled a muscular something-for-everyone agenda designed to make him the strong man in New York state.
Gov. Cuomo Makes It Clear: He Wants Total Control Of MTAGov. Andrew Cuomo has upped the ante on fixing the city's dysfunctional mass transit system, saying it must be reorganized and that he should have total control.
Judge Pumps The Brakes On Controversial Congestion Pricing RolloutThe plan created a surcharge for all cabs and for-hire vehicles like Uber which cross below 96th Street.
Gov. Cuomo Admits He Doesn't Want To Be In Charge Of MTAIt was a head-scratching moment Wednesday, starring Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Taxi Drivers Demand Exemption From Congestion Pricing ProposalTaxi passengers will pay a $2.50 fee for rides below 96th Street, in addition to more than $3 in other fees. 
MTA: Controversial Congestion Pricing Alone Won't Fix Beleaguered Subway SystemA state panel is advising Gov. Cuomo to consider a bundle of new taxes after revelations that the price for fixing the beleaguered MTA has doubled.