Congress Grills Social Media Execs About Stopping Election MeddlingSocial media executives headed to Capitol Hill Wednesday to face more questions about how they’re working to combat foreign meddling with midterm elections just months away.
Rep. Chris Collins Drops Out Of Re-Election Race Following IndictmentThe Buffalo-area congressman had vowed to stay in the race following his arrest three days ago on charges of insider trading.
New York Congressman Chris Collins Indicted On Insider Trading ChargesRepublican U.S. Rep. Christopher Collins of New York has been indicted on charges that he used inside information about a biotechnology company to make illicit stock trades.
Leading Democrat Calls For Legalized Marijuana In All 50 StatesThe democrat's argument was heavily based on the belief that arrests for marijuana possession have become a punishment that doesn't fit the crime.
French President Macron Says Iran 'Shall Never Possess Any Nuclear Weapons'The French president addressed lawmakers in a joint meeting of Congress Wednesday as part of his visit to the United States.
Congress Returns To Work Under Mounting Pressure To Act On Gun ControlCongress is returning to work and faces intense public pressure to end the decades-long gridlock on gun control with no clear consensus on what changes, if any, should be made.
President Trump Signs Budget Deal, Ending Government ShutdownThe House approved the legislation in a 240-186 vote after the package was approved by the Senate early Friday morning.
Congress Misses Deadline To Avoid Government ShutdownRepublican Sen. Rand Paul, of Kentucky, blocked a Thursday night vote with a procedural move to protest increased spending.
Senate Leaders Say They've Reached 2-Year Budget Deal As Government Shutdown LoomsSenate leaders say they've reached a two-year budget deal that boosts spending for both the military and domestic programs.
Congress Approves Temporary Spending Bill To Avoid ShutdownThe House voted 231-188 in the afternoon, and the Senate voted 66-32 hours later.
Taxpayers Demand End To So-Called Sexual Harassment ‘Slush Fund’Taxpayers are speaking out about a little known fund that's been making big headlines.