City Council Committee OKs Times Square Zones For Costumed CharactersThe bill would give the Department of Transportation the power to designate pedestrian plazas, and to restrict the characters and so-called "painted ladies" to specific zones.
City Council Committee To Vote On Zones For Times Square Costumed CharactersThe City Council Transportation Committee will vote Wednesday on legislation that will provide allocated zones for the costumed characters that are seen in Times Square.
City Council Holds Hearing On Regulating Costumed Characters In Times SquareThe costumed characters, naked painted ladies and bus tour ticket sellers who have made all of Times Square their stomping grounds could be restricted to specific zones under legislation being considered by the City Council.
Times Square Alliance, Elected Officials Push For Bill Regulating Pedestrian PlazasThe City Council bill would regulate pedestrian plazas by limiting where costumed characters and the topless painted ladies can solicit business.
Bill Would Create Special Zones For Costumed Characters, Topless Women In Times SquareThe New York City Council is set to consider legislation this week that would create designated zones for costumed characters and painted topless women in Times Square.
Holy Robbery Batman! Times Square Caped Crusader Steals $50 From TouristJose Escalona-Martinez is charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property, police said.
Friday The 13th: Phobias Unique To New YorkersWe thought Friday the 13th would be a good time to take a look at some of the fears or phobias that are unique to New Yorkers.
Times Square Task Force To Release Final Report On Painted Ladies, CharactersWhile the panel will not call for banning topless ladies or characters who ask for tips, sometimes aggressively when they pose for photos, it wants to restrict the ladies and characters to certain areas.
NYPD Task Force Of 100 To Crack Down On Times Square 'Nuisance Issues'The NYPD has established a new task force to patrol Times Square, and that is just the beginning of the city’s efforts to combat the spread of aggressive panhandling, costumed characters and other quality of life issues.
De Blasio: No Decision Made On Times Square Pedestrian PlazasThe mayor promised that the task force will examine the safety ramifications and crowed, "I think what we've done with Vision Zero is beyond what any previous administration has done."
NYC Lawmaker Proposes Banning Toplessness Altogether, Regardless Of GenderBratton made the suggestion in the wake of growing complaints about topless, body painted women and aggressive costumed characters seeking tips for photos.