Customs Officers At Port Of New York Cracking Down On Counterfeit GoodsInvestigators say to avoid getting a fake, buy only at trusted stores and Internet sites, and always question super low prices.
Man Upset By Crackdown On Gravestone Items At Hempstead CemeteryThe town claims the crackdown is strictly a maintenance issue, but critics argue it's disrespectful.
Long Island Village Of Lindenhurst Cracks Down On E-CigarettesThe Long Island village of Lindenhurst has decided to follow in the steps of New York City in banning the use of e-cigarettes in public buildings.
NYPD Continues Crackdown On Unsafe CyclingOperation Safe Cycle is part of a new initiative to get bikers to follow the rules of the road.
NYPD Launches 2-Week Bicycle Safety CrackdownThe NYPD on Wednesday began a crackdown on traffic violations committed by bicyclists on the roads.
NYPD Cracks Down On Reckless Driving In Weeklong EffortThe NYPD has launched a weeklong crackdown on reckless driving – targeting infractions including speeding, running red lights, and texting behind the wheel.
Over 4,800 Tickets Issued During NYPD Speeding CrackdownThe NYPD announced Thursday that officers issued nearly 5,000 tickets during a two-day crackdown on speeding in all of the city’s five boroughs.
Staten Island Residents: Speeding Drivers Have No Regard For Safety, Traffic LawsMaking full stops at stop signs, driving when the light turns green, and following the speed limit are concepts that everyone learns in driver's ed.
NYPD Issues Over 5,000 Tickets In Distracted Driving CrackdownThe NYPD on Monday announced the results of a two-day crackdown on cellphone use while driving and failure to yield to pedestrians.
NYPD To Crack Down On Texting And Driving, Failure To Yield To PedestriansThe NYPD on Monday announced a citywide crackdown on texting and driving, and the failure to yield to pedestrians.
Crackdown On Distracted Driving Begins Around New York StateNew York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday that state and local police have stepped up patrols statewide to crack down on mobile phone use while driving.