Several Manhattan Schools Threatened By Clowns On Social MediaPrincipals from more than a dozen Manhattan schools sent letters home to parents informing them of threats made on social media involving clowns.
Teen Says Creepy Clown Pulled Out Kitchen Knife At 96th Street Subway StationReports of menacing clowns have been spreading across the U.S., fueled largely by social media, and authorities say they are being forced to take them seriously as a potential threat to public safety, particularly at schools.
Group Accused Of Scaring Driver With Clown Masks In N.J.; Teen Reports Clown With Knife On L.I.Police in Fair Lawn, New Jersey arrested two teenage boys who are accused of driving around and yelling at people while wearing clown masks.
New Jersey Police Department Warns Parents Not To Let Kids Dress As Clowns For HalloweenThe creepy clown epidemic plaguing the nation is now affecting Halloween for one New Jersey town.
Expert Offers Tips On What To Do If You Encounter A 'Creepy Clown'Reports of strange sightings and encounters with creepy clowns have been raising concerns all across the nation.
2 New Jersey Teens Charged With Making Separate Clown ThreatsA 13-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy have been charged with cyber harassment stemming from separate social media clown threats, police in New Jersey said.
NYPD Official On Creepy Clowns: 'Don't Believe The Hype'The unusual creepy clown reports started surfacing in August when children in Greenville, South Carolina told police that clowns tried luring them into woods by offering money.
Creepy Clown Sightings Reported In Brentwood, North BabylonPolice said they received a call Wednesday night about people dressed up as clowns, jumping in front of cars in Brentwood. Authorities also got a call about a person dressed as a clown in North Babylon.
New Jersey Child Says He Was Chased By Creepy Clown With SwordThe creepy clown epidemic has struck New Jersey.