Monroe-Woodbury School District Confident Data Not Compromised Following Cyber AttackThe largest school district in suburban Orange County was forced to cancel the first day of classes Wednesday after a cyber attack on its computer system.
Equifax $700 Million Settlement: FTC To Help People File Claims To Get Back MoneyConsumers in the Tri-State Area may be receiving money from claims about credit monitoring or identity theft protection as part of the data breach deal with the FTC announced today.
Session Recording May Pose A Threat To Your CybersecurityMany online companies use session recording tools to track how long users spend on their site and what they click on.
How To Safely Share Photos Of Your Kids On Social MediaA study found 71 percent of parents says images could end up in the wrong hands, most continue to post photos.
New York Regulators Hit Credit Report Companies With New RulesState regulators will now have oversight over credit reporting agencies, which will also have to comply with state cyber security standards.
Researchers: Hackers Can Spy On Kids Through Some Holiday ToysResearchers are warning parents some of this holiday season's smart toys that can listen and talk to children are vulnerable to hackers who can take over such devices' electronics.
Wi-Fi Security Flaw Could Make Every Device You Own Vulnerable To HackersResearchers in Belgium uncovered a flaw in WiFi security that makes every device you use on WiFi vulnerable to cyber attacks.
Internet-Enabled Devices Make DDoS Cyber Attacks More DangerousHackers now have a secret weapon in the increasing array of internet-enabled household devices they can subvert and use to wreak havoc.
Officials Raise Spying Concerns After Chinese Company Plans Renovation At Waldorf AstoriaThe sale to Anbang still allows the Hilton Corporation to run the hotel, but the deal also calls for a massive renovation, which triggered concerns in Washington.
Schumer: FAA Must Upgrade Computer Security Against HackersThe New York Democrat said Sunday that has written to the Federal Aviation Administration to urge the agency to immediately implement several security upgrades to protect the systems.
Seen At 11: Hackers Expected To Take Attacks On Financial Institutions To Next Level, Experts SayIt’s a new year and with it are predictions that cyber criminals will strike deeper into the heart of everything we do.