New York City Man Tells CBS2 About Life In Hotel Homeless Shelter, And How He Understands The Public's ConcernsPutting the homeless in hotels in New York has become a contentious issue, putting city leaders on the hot seat with claims of mismanagement and rising crime rates.
Mother Says Coronavirus Pandemic Has Made It Harder To Move Family Out Of Homeless Shelter: 'I Wanted To Better My Life Situation For My Children'There are 58,000 people living in New York City homeless shelters, and families make up 70% of the people in shelters.
Coronavirus Update: City To Put 6,000 Homeless, Some COVID-19 Positive, Into Local HotelsPriority will be given to seniors, anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 and those who tested positive for COVID-19.
Coronavirus Update: Fears Of Homeless On Subways Possibly Spreading Virus GrowThe homeless are packing New York City subways again, raising health concerns amid a chorus of demands that Mayor Bill de Blasio do something.
NYS Comptroller's Office Says Outreach Agency Has Failed To Get Homeless Individuals Out Of Subway StationsThe Bowery Residents' Committee was hired to help get vulnerable New Yorkers into shelters and out of subway stations.
Forgotten Families: In Major Change, DHS Will No Longer Pay Landlords 1 Year's Rent Up Front To House HomelessIt comes nearly a year after CBS2 first began demanding answers, finding some New Yorkers living in deplorable conditions. Now we've gotten action. 
Forgotten Families: City Won't Discipline Anyone For Putting Homeless Into Unlivable HomesThe head of homeless services says no one will pay the price after the city's independent watchdog issued a scathing report about the homeless relocation program.
Forgotten Families: Instead Of Faulting Flawed Program, De Blasio Slams Newark For Suing NYCThe fiery comments come even as his own Department of Investigation issues a blistering report about how the city treated the forgotten families CBS2 has been reporting on for nearly a year.
Controversial SOTA Program Exporting Homeless Families From NYC To Newark Leads To LawsuitFor nearly a year, CBS2 has been covering the Forgotten Families who say they were pressured by New York City to leave and move into unlivable homes.
Newark Lawsuit Demands NYC Stop Relocating Forgotten FamiliesThe New Jersey city is taking action to stop the program from moving any more homeless families into places where many have suffered at the neglect of their new landlords.
More NJ Towns Taking Action In Response To NYC Program Relocating Forgotten FamiliesThe mayors of four New Jersey municipalities are making governments like New York City notify them when families are moved there.