What Was The NYPD's Anti-Crime Unit And What Does It Being Disbanded Mean?Police Commissioner Dermot Shea calls it a "seismic shift" for the NYPD. So what was this unit, and what does this mean for policing in New York City? 
NYPD Announces Reassignment Of All 600 Undercover Anti-Crime Officers; Protests Continue For 19th Straight DayAs the protests for police reform continue in New York City for now a third straight week, the NYPD announced Monday it is getting rid of undercover anti-crime officers.
NYPD Officer Caught On Camera Shoving Woman To Ground During Protest Suspended Without PayThe police commissioner says there are other incidents currently under investigation and the department will be transparent as the process continues.
Citywide Curfew To Continue Through Monday Morning Despite Calls For It To End, De Blasio SaysThe mayor insists it is working, but many think it is making things worse.
'We're Showing Respect For Protests, But You Need To Go Home,' Mayor Says After Clashes Over CurfewPublic Advocate Jumaane Williams said he saw officers being very aggressive toward peaceful demonstrators and yelling “mayor’s curfew!”
NYPD Commissioner Says Bricks 'Are Being Placed And Then Transported To Peaceful Protests,' Councilman Then Calls Them 'Construction Debris'The commissioner said there have been incidents in Brooklyn and Queens, and bricks were stolen from a construction site in Manhattan.
Mayor: NYPD, Community Leaders Will Create Peace In New York City, Not The National GuardNew York City will be under curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. through Sunday, the mayor announced Tuesday.
Questions Raised About How NYPD Will Handle Future Protests, In Addition To Other Law Enforcement ReformsDays of protests have been a challenge for the NYPD, and there are questions about how the department has handled it and how they will handle future protests. 
Mayor Calls NYPD Cruiser And Gun Videos 'Unacceptable,' Praises Majority Of Police For Keeping PeaceDe Blasio said while most police officers also showed restraint – some even taking a knee in solidarity – there were specific issues that need to be addressed.
De Blasio Says He Saw 'A Lot Of Restraint' By NYPD Amid George Floyd Protests, Pledges Review Of Entire WeekendDe Blasio said he also has seen things that need to be investigated, such as an NYPD vehicle driving into a crowd of protesters. 
Police Commissioner Dermot Shea Thanks Officers, Saying George Floyd Protests Have Brought 'Persistent Danger, Disrespect, And Denigration'The NYPD says at least 345 people were arrested during Saturday night protests, with 47 NYPD vehicles damaged and 33 officers injured.