Apparent Discovery Of Anti-Aging Cocktail By California Scientists Comes With Some WarningsResearchers in California may have discovered the fountain of youth, or at least a way to turn back the clock a few years. It's a cocktail of three readily available drugs.
Scientists Find Eating Disorders Are Triggered By Your Genes, Not Your ChoicesBerghofer Research Institute says they can identify people at risk of anorexia – by looking at their DNA. Examining almost 17,000 people worldwide with the illness, and 55,000 without, eight genes were identified.
Long Island Family Credits Home's Live Streaming Surveillance Cameras For Arrest Of BurglarA career criminal was in custody Wednesday, accused of breaking into a home. He was nabbed thanks to DNA left at the crime scene.
Science Community Condemns Chinese Researcher's Claim About Engineering First 'Designer Baby'A Chinese researcher claims to have made the world's first so-called "designer baby." The highly controversial experiment used a powerful new genetic-editing tool to alter an embryo's DNA.
'Super Snake' Slithering Around Florida? DNA Study Says YesA study of Florida's python population has discovered some unnerving information about a possibly terrifying new breed of slithering creatures.
DNA From Prehistoric Teenager Uncovers An Ancient Human HybridResearchers in Germany say they have proof that a pre-historic teenager had parents who were members of two different species of pre-humans.
Man Meets Daughter For First Time, Thanks To DNA KitImagine meeting your child for the first time when you are already 59 years old. DNA Test Finds Fertility Doctor Is Woman's Actual Father, Lawsuit SaysThe shocking revelations came about after the woman's daughter, now 36 years old, took a DNA test and learned that her biological father was a complete stranger.
DNA Ties Burglary Suspect To Queens Sex Assault, Cops SayPolice believe a man busted for burglary on Long Island may be the same person who attacked a number of joggers in Queens.
Seen At 11: DNA Test Measures Couple CompatibilityWhen it comes to relationships, there's no perfect formula to tell if that certain someone is Mr. or Ms. Right, until now.
Queens D.A. Says Rape Conviction Underlines The Importance Of DNA EvidenceAndrew Barrett, 22, was convicted of first-degree course of sexual conduct, first-degree rape, first-degree attempted rape, and third-degree robbery, the Queens District Attorney's office announced on Wednesday.