Bloomberg Hits Trail In Virginia, Says Fighting Gun Violence Central To His CampaignMichael Bloomberg is hoping his record speaks for itself when courting voters.
Impeachment Hearings: What We Learned This Week And What Happens NextNine more witnesses testified this week, concluding the public hearing portion of the impeachment process.
Live Updates: House Impeachment Hearings Continue With Testimony From Ex-White House Official, DiplomatFiona Hill and David Holmes were set to speak before the House Intelligence Committee starting at 9 a.m. Thursday.
House Impeachment Hearings Continue With Testimony From Ambassador SondlandGordon Sondland, a U.S. ambassador to the European Union has been testifying before the House Intelligence Committee.
Live Updates: House Kicks Off Second Week Of Public Impeachment HearingsTwo top White House aides told the House Intelligence Committee they found the president's July 25 phone call with the president of Ukraine "improper" and "unusual."
Impeachment Inquiry: Trump Says He'll 'Strongly Consider' Submitting TestimonyThe House Intelligence Committee will hear testimony from eight witnesses, including several at the center of the impeachment probe.
Trump Has 'Every Opportunity To Present His Case' On Impeachment, Pelosi SaysHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuted Republicans' claims that President Trump has not had the opportunity for due process in the impeachment inquiry.
President Trump Announces Hospitals Will Be Required To Reveal RatesHospitals that don't comply will face a civil penalty of up to $300 a day.
Live Updates: House Resumes Public Impeachment Hearings With Testimony From Ousted Ukraine AmbassadorThe House will hold its second public impeachment hearing Friday at 9 a.m. Watch live on CBS2 or
What Is An Impeachment Inquiry And What Happens Next?Impeachment is the constitutional process where the lower house of legislative branch — the House of Representatives — brings charges against a civil officer in government — in this case the president.
Live Updates: House Begins Holding First Public Hearings In Impeachment InquiryYou can watch today's hearing live on CBS2 and at 10 a.m.