Demanding Answers: Staten Island Homeowners Call Out DOT For Sidewalk Repair Double StandardsThe city's Department of Transportation told one homeowner he can either repair the sidewalk himself or they'll do it and charge him north of $2,000.
Consumer Advocates Push Back Against Easing Of Airline RegulationsAre airlines more concerned with helping passengers or improving their bottom line?
DOT Taking Steps To Ease Pedestrian Congestion On The Brooklyn BridgeThe city's Department of Transportation is taking steps to ease congestion on the Brooklyn Bridge.
U.N. General Assembly: Traffic Advisories, Road ClosuresThe U.N. General Assembly begins its week-long session of high-level meetings, meaning New Yorkers can expect major traffic headaches on Manhattan’s East Side.
CBS2 Gets Results: City Steps Up To Help Owner Of Brooklyn Bodega Buried Behind MTA FenceHidden away behind an enormous blue fence along Grand Street in Williamsburg is a struggling bodega, and an owner worried about losing his business.
New Bike Lanes Leading To High Bridge Could Improve SafetyThe city DOT expects an influx of visitors to the newly reopened High Bridge.
Midwood Residents Say Traffic Circle Is An Accident Waiting To HappenCars are running through red lights and barely missing each other according to people living near one Brooklyn intersection. They say it's happening all too often, but their complaints may be going unheard.
450 'Love Locks' Removed From Brooklyn Bridge, Thrown AwayThe New York City Department of Transportation announced Monday that has been cracking down on the “love locks” that couples attach to the Brooklyn Bridge.
DOT Takes Aim At Rough Roads, Dispatches Pothole Repair Crews CitywideIf you have been out driving lately, you know that potholes have turned roads into an obstacle course.
New Jersey DOT Tries To Tackle 300,000 PotholesDepartment of Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox said the harsh winter is to blame for the uptick in potholes.
Drivers Complain That Pothole Is Shredding Tires On Kosciuszko BridgeAt least a dozen vehicles reported flat tires after hitting a sizeable pothole. It happened at around 8:30 p.m.