Study: Eye Test May Lead To Faster Alzheimer's DiagnosisCould a quick eye test be a way to diagnose Alzheimer's disease? That's what a new study has found.
'Purple Sun' Device Uses UV Light To Help Protect Hospitals Against GermsInfections that a patient picks up in the hospital can be among the nastiest and costliest of all infections. Because of that, disinfecting against germs is a constant battle.
Major New Study Finds No Link Between Vaccines And AutismThe study looked at all the children born in Denmark over more than a decade.
'I'm Here For A Reason': Transplant Patient Reflects After Losing Both Hands, Both LegsDeb Kelly was suffering an invasive strep infection that had become sepsis. To save her life doctors had to amputate both hands and both legs.
Virtual Urgent Care Growing In PopularityAre you not well but can't get a doctor's appointment for days, and you don't want to sit for hours in an emergency room?
New Continuous Glucose Monitor Implant Sensor Comes As Welcome News To Diabetes SufferersA tiny implantable sensor that continuously monitors a diabetic's blood sugar is the next generation of continuous glucose monitors.
At-Home Tests Helping To Screen Against The Growing Risk Of Colorectal CancerMore than 50,000 Americans died of that cancer last year. A number that could be far less if the cancer was found early.
New GPS System Making It Easy For Patients, Visitors To Navigate Busy HospitalsThe navigation technology is helping patients and visitors find their way in some really confusing buildings.