New Drug Designed To Help Those Suffering From Asthma Or Eczema Working Wonders For Some Dealing With Hair LossLosing your hair can be a traumatic experience. Some people have serious conditions, losing all their hair, including their eyelashes and eyebrows.
New Study Reveals Cannabis Use By Adults 18-44 Could Lead To Higher Risk Of Heart Attack Than Non-UsersVarious versions of medical and recreational marijuana are now legalized in all but seven states. That has led to much more research into the health effects of cannabis.
Pfizer To Ask FDA To Approve Its COVID-19 Booster For All Adult Americans, Regardless Of Brand Used For Initial ShotPfizer is citing its new data that a booster shot safely offers close to complete protection from severe COVID.
New York City Ready To Roll Out COVID Vaccine For 5 To 11-Year-Olds As Early As Thursday; In Schools Next WeekNew York Gov. Kathy Hochul says the state is prepared to administer shots to children, even at their schools.
Doctors Rolling Out Experimental Blood Test That May Be Able To Detect Over 50 Types Of CancerThe American Cancer Society says 71% of cancer deaths come from types of cancer that have no recommended screening test.
President Of International Menopause Society Urges Women To Focus On Overall Bone Health, Not Just Bone DensityThe U.S. population is growing older and that means millions of women are going through or have gone through menopause, which can impact bone health.
FDA Authorizes 4th COVID Shot For Moderately Or Severely Immunosuppressed PatientsVaccines depend on the recipient’s own immune system to respond to the shot by making antibodies and killer cells to fight off an invading germ, but not everyone can do that.
Patients With Appendicitis May Not Need Surgery, New Research ShowsThere's mounting evidence that some patients can avoid or delay the operation and receive treatment with antibiotics instead.
Medical Breakthrough: Doctors At NYU Langone Health Successfully Transplant Pig Kidney To Human RecipientExperts said this could mean the thousands of people on kidney transplant waiting lists could have a new option someday.
COVID Vaccine 'Mix-And-Match' Study Finds Moderna Booster After J&J Single-Shot Produced Major Increase In AntibodiesThe Food and Drug Administration is planning to give Americans a lot more freedom to get a vaccine booster different from the one they first received.
Dr. Max Gomez On How Colin Powell's Medical Conditions May Have Played A Role In His Death Due To COVID ComplicationsThere has been much talk about Colin Powell succumbing to COVID complications, even though he was reportedly fully vaccinated.