Researchers Growing Miniature Human Brains In Search For Pediatric Brain Tumor TreatmentIt sounds like something only a mad scientist would think of, but it's actually cutting-edge research at a Weill Cornell Medicine lab that hopes to ultimately cure pediatric brain tumors.
Apparent Discovery Of Anti-Aging Cocktail By California Scientists Comes With Some WarningsResearchers in California may have discovered the fountain of youth, or at least a way to turn back the clock a few years. It's a cocktail of three readily available drugs.
Day Camp Offers Sense Of Camaraderie For Kids With DiabetesA medical staff of four monitors the kids at all times. All have insulin pumps or get injections.
Feds Probing Potential Links Between Vaping, Lung IllnessesThere has been a disturbing increase in severe lung illnesses possibly linked to vaping. Federal health officials are investigating as many 153 cases, mostly in adolescents and young adults.
Experts Warn On Deadly Addiction Risks Of Opioids Given After Wisdom Teeth RemovalThere's a new warning out about painkiller addiction and how it can start after a common surgery.
Health Officials Urging More Women To Test For 2 Genes Linked To Breast, Ovarian CancerMutations of these genes can increase the risk of cancer CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez reports.
New Artificial Joint Surgery Giving Hope Of Pain-Free Living To People With Neck ProblemsCBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports this new disc is much more like the body's own natural discs than older models.
New York Hospital Using Sailing As Unique Therapy For Disabled And Special Needs ChildrenAlexandria is part of a group of patients from the Hospital for Special Surgery, where they're being treated for conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, and scoliosis.
Doctors Save Young Ballerina's Life, Career With Personalized Cancer TreatmentDoctors used what's called precision medicine, an example of how cancer therapy has evolved to take the whole patient into account.
Medical Professionals Sounding Alarm About Lesser-Known CSCC Skin CancerIt's the second-most common cancer in the U.S., yet you've probably never heard of it.
New Procedure Could Be A 'Game Changer' For Coronary Bypass SurgeryDoctors say it's a more demanding and difficult operation, but it could be a game changer for patients.