'What Else Can I Go Through?': Double Hand Transplant Recipient Now Needs A New KidneyA groundbreaking double hand transplant resulted in unforeseen consequences. It's a story about the power of modern medicine, but especially the resilience of one woman's spirit. 
Study: Kids Are Jeopardizing Their Health By Not Getting Enough ExerciseIt used to be childhood was probably the most active time of our lives. Well, not so much anymore.
Doctors Find New 'Popcorn Lung'-Like Lung Damage Linked To VapingDoctors believe they've discovered a new type of lung injury related to vaping after a teenager in Canada nearly died of something like "popcorn lung."
Trio Of Medical Networks Join Forces To Fight Cancer With New Proton Center In HarlemThere's a major development for cancer patients who need radiation therapy, an amazing technology in which protons are shot into a tumor at near the speed of light.
Tiny Seeds, Big Promise: Breakthrough Procedure Helping Breast Cancer Patients In Just One TreatmentInstead of having to go through months of chemo and radiation, doctors are using just one treatment that's much easier on patients, Dr. Max Gomez reports.
FDA Committee Says 'Super Fish Oil' Drug Can Be Given To More Patients To Reduce Heart Attack, Stroke RiskFish oil primarily contains two types of the omega-3 fatty acids: DHA and EPA. Vascepa, as this drug is called, is pure EPA.
CDC Report Shows Staggering Number Of Deadly Antibiotic Resistant InfectionsThose results come from a CDC report that even has doctors worried.
Simple Procedure Can Offer Relief For Some Women With Overactive BladdersOne doctor says many cases of overactive bladder are actually due to blood pooling in the veins around the bladder.
NY Teen Becomes Advocate For Flu Shots After Nearly Dying From IllnessDr. Max Gomez spoke to a young honors student who didn't get her flu shot because she didn't want to miss school. That almost cost her her life.
'Rip My Skull Open' Pain: Non-Drug Remedy Offers Hope To Migraine Headache SufferersA small, battery-powered device can reduce the severity or even stop a migraine in its tracks.
Live From The Surgery? App Connects Surgeons With Patient's Family, Friends In Real-TimeA new app called Ease allows doctors and nurses to provide live updates from the operating room to anyone the patient chooses.