Max Minute: New JAMA Study Says Nationwide School Closures Could've Prevented Over 1 Million COVID-19 CasesOne of the hottest debates right now is when and how to re-open schools during this pandemic.
New Study: 1 In 5 Users Taking Breaks From Social Media Due To Negativity And DivisivenessIs your anxiety level up these days? Have you been spending much more time on social media? Believe it or not, experts say those two things are very connected.
Max Minute: Busting Common COVID-19 Myths About Deep Cleaning And Transmission To And From ChildrenThere is no doubt a lot to consider before deciding whether or not to open schools this fall, and there are a lot of misconceptions about keeping everyone safe.
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Breakthrough Alzheimer's Blood Test May Make Diagnosis Simple, Affordable And Widely AvailableIt's a long-sought blood test that can accurately identify the degenerative brain disease.
Max Minute: CBS News Poll Says 70% Of Americans Would Wait To Get COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Wouldn't Get One At AllA new CBS News poll says 70% of Americans would wait to get a COVID-19 vaccine or wouldn't get one at all. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez provides an update about how vaccine research is progressing.
Woman Born Without Uterus Gets Transplant And Then Gives Birth To Healthy BoyAccording to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 6 million women in this country struggle with infertility.
FDA Approves QWO Enzyme Injection That Dissolves CelluliteCellulite is very common and extremely challenging to get rid of.
Max Minute: University Of Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Promising Signs With Creation Of AntibodiesCBS2's Dr. Max Gomez discusses the news about a coronvirus vaccine in England and the potential hurdles ahead as the trials expand to 10,000 people worldwide.
Max Minute: What We're Learning About COVID-19's Long-Term EffectsThough the WHO says that most coronavirus patients with mild cases should be okay within two weeks, thousands of patients are reporting long-term symptoms.
Max Minute: A Look At The Current Leaders In The Race To Produce Safe, Effective COVID-19 VaccineThe process to develop, produce and test a vaccine normally takes years - sometimes decades - yet several companies say the can compress that time frame into just a few months.