Ultrasound Technique Promises New Ways To Help Treat Alzheimer's DiseaseNew research on opening barriers in the treatment of diseases like Alzheimer's is offering promising treatments.
Healthy Weight, Diet Showing Big Drop In Breast Cancer Risks For WomenNew research shows that changes in diet not only lowers risk for breast cancer, it also reduces a woman's risk of dying of the disease.
Nearly Half Of New Moms Feel Overwhelmed And Depressed, Survey FindsAfter delivery that's the fourth trimester – which can come with serious health concerns that too many new moms ignore.
Mets First Baseman Discovers Sleep Apnea To Blame For Underperformance On The FieldWhen first round draft pick Dominic Smith couldn't seem to focus enough to live up to his potential, his teammate on the roaster clued him in to a condition he literally was mostly sleeping through.
More Spas Using CBD In Massages To Promote WellnessThe latest trend in wellness is CBD. It's a component of cannabis or marijuana, but it's not psychoactive. More people are using CBD to stop pain, promote relaxation and ease various body issues.
Allergy Season Running Late, But Here's How To Beat The Symptoms When It ComesAllergy season is running late this year, but patients who suffer the annual runny nose and itching eyes know it’s just a matter of time.
Chemical Sunscreens Help Prevent Skin Cancer, But What Else Do They Do To A Body?As we move into the outdoor season, a new study is raising concerns over the safety of the most common ingredients in sunscreens.
CBS2 Has What You Need To Know About MelanomaMelanoma is the least common skin cancer, but it is by far the deadliest, and on the rise.
New Non-Invasive Technique Promises Hope For Troubled BreathingThe Vivaer treatment delivers radio frequency energy to what's called the nasal valve.
Miracle Baby Amelia Thriving Not Long After Doctors In Philadelphia Repaired Extremely Rare Heart DefectNot too long ago, doctors saved a baby born with a lethal heart defect. It's a story of modern medicine, teamwork, strong parents and a baby with a will to live.
Can Sickle Cell Disease Be Used As A Weapon Against Cancerous Tumors? New Study Says YesDr. Terman, a professor of molecular genetics, has figured out how to do this. In a recently published study, his team was able to kill tumors in mice by infusing sickle cells into mice.