Flu Or Allergies? Here's What To Know About Your Symptoms As Flu Deaths Rise To 2,900Feeling feverish, achy? Got a cough? Or maybe your eyes are itchy and you're sneezing. Maybe it's just a cold but, could it be the flu or allergies? The difference could be serious if it is the flu.
Doctors: Holiday Season Is Ideal For Spreading The FluFlu season is off to an early start this year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And if past years are any indication, it's about to get a boost due to family gatherings and holiday parties.
Life-Saving Tactic In Detecting, Fighting Lung Cancer In New Yorkers Now Being Offered For FreeStudies proved that early lung cancer detection does save lives, but screening costs money and were inconvenient until now.
Here Are The Tips You Need To Keep Your Heart Healthy During The Busy Holiday SeasonCBS2's Dr. Max Gomez has the tips you need to know to keep your heart healthy during all your holiday festivities.
Man's Desire To Donate Organ Winds Up Saving His Life; Organ Donor Still NeededDonating an organ takes lots of time and vigorous medical testing, but should you be a match, the end result is beautiful.
Two Potentially Breakthrough Drugs Off New Hope To People With Advanced Breast CancerOne is able to reach tumors that have spread to the brain. The other has been described as a guided missile, a drug that's able to bring chemotherapy directly to the cancer cell.
Could Hair Dye And Straighteners Increase A Woman's Risk For Breast Cancer?The Sister Study found that women who dyed their hair were 9% more likely to develop breast cancer than women who did not color their hair.
Study Shows Adolescents, Young Adults At Increasing Risk For PrediabetesPrediabetes is defined by several tests as an inability to keep blood sugar in a normal range.
'What Else Can I Go Through?': Double Hand Transplant Recipient Now Needs A New KidneyA groundbreaking double hand transplant resulted in unforeseen consequences. It's a story about the power of modern medicine, but especially the resilience of one woman's spirit. 
Study: Kids Are Jeopardizing Their Health By Not Getting Enough ExerciseIt used to be childhood was probably the most active time of our lives. Well, not so much anymore.
Doctors Find New 'Popcorn Lung'-Like Lung Damage Linked To VapingDoctors believe they've discovered a new type of lung injury related to vaping after a teenager in Canada nearly died of something like "popcorn lung."