Doctors Warn: Food Allergies Can Pop Up In Products You'd Least ExpectHere's a warning for parents of children with severe food allergies: Sometimes exposure can come from the most unexpected places. Would you believe finger paint?
Study: Not All Types Of Sitting Are Equally UnhealthyA study found people who were couch potatoes for four or more hours of TV a day had a 50 percent greater risk compared to those who watched less than two hours. 
Bariatric Surgery Could Become More Common Treatment, Help Prevent Life-Threatening DiseasesThe American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery has updated the guidelines for obesity surgery based on a patient's whole health rather than just BMI.
Hope For Women Suffering Hair Loss May Come In The Form Of A Drug Used To Cure EczemaThinning hair and balding can be devastating for women. It's especially hard to treat when it's an autoimmune hair loss called alopecia areata.
In-Utero Surgery Takes Aim At Child's Spina BifidaThe birth defect, called spina bifida, was found during a routine sonogram at about 18 weeks of pregnancy. 
New Procedure Allows Total Knee Replacement Patients To Go Home The Same DayAs CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez reports, knee replacement surgeries are very successful operations, but they have the reputation of being painful and taking a long time to recover from.
Vaccine Helps Body's Immune System Recognize, Kill Cancer CellsDoctors say cancer patients who have received the vaccine are getting partial and complete remissions.
Man's Sleep Apnea Causes Rare Eye Stroke, Leaving Him Partially BlindYou may very well have sleep apnea, which can put you at risk for many health problems. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports blindness may be one of them.
Toddlers Can Start Fighting Heart Disease By Just Playing Outside More, Study FindsThe Canadian researchers followed the physical activity of nearly 400 per-schoolers for three years, periodically testing them on various measures of cardiovascular health.
Some Patients Suffering From Chronic Runny Nose Find Relief From Cryotherapy ProcedureDo you suffer with a chronic itchy, stuffy, runny nose that you just can't get rid of, even with medications?
New Drug Offers Hope For Women With Late-Stage Breast CancerIt's a combination of drugs that allows women with the most common form of breast cancer to live life with their disease.