Robotic Microscope Helping Surgeons During Delicate Brain Tumor Removal ProceduresThere is amazing new technology that's helping surgeons perform the most delicate of all operations -- brain surgery.
Healthwatch: Breaking Down Myths And Misconceptions About Breast Cancer It turns out a lot of what women believe about breast cancer turns out to be a myth.
Better Treatment Found For Life-Threatening Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm ConditionIf an AAA is found, the solution used to be major surgery to open the abdomen, cut out the aneurysm and replace it with an artificial graft.
Study: Exercise Can Be Powerful Medicine For CancerIn some ways, it's the last thing a cancer patient expects to hear from their doctor: Get out and exercise.
Implantable Heart Monitor Making It Possible To Track Dangerous Heart RhythmsWhat do you get if you combine an EKG heart monitor with a Wi-Fi transmitter and then shrink it down to the size of a memory stick?
Stop The Stigma: Student Groups, Professionals Pushing To Raise Awareness On Mental Illness TreatmentMental illness affects millions of people in the United States, but it's a topic that can be challenging to discuss.
Exciting Breakthrough Hold Promise For Those With Celiac DiseaseThere's excitement because the technique might work on MS, peanuts and diabetes as well as celiac.
Experts Call For Greater Focus On Children's Mental Health IssuesStudies estimate that one in every five children suffers from a mental disorder such as anxiety and depression that could impact their health into adulthood.
Doctors Working On Possible Breakthrough Vaccine Against Disease-Carrying Ticks, Lyme Disease“First it will K-O the bacterium inside the tick, further it will also stop the conveyor belt that gets the Lyme into you and finally, it will also block Lyme even once its inside the body,” Dr. Schutzer explained.
Medical Experts Urging Teens To Keep Up With VaccinationsWhen adolescents go off to school, they're exposed to any number of potentially serious, even deadly diseases.
Help For Snoring Found In 'Facelift' For The Roof Of Your MouthIf you can't get a decent night's sleep because your partner snores, help is on the way.