Excusive: Ex-Nassau Cop Defends Sworn Testimony In 2017 DWI Arrest That Led To Dozens Of Deals, DismissalsA former Nassau cop is defending his name. At least 60 of his DWI cases have been dismissed or are under review, all pinned on inconsistent courtroom testimony. But he says his superiors got it all wrong.
Long Island Congresswoman Proposes Mandate Requiring All New Cars To Have Blood-Alcohol Detection CapabilitiesCan deadly habits behind the wheel be changed by technology? That's the aim behind a package of bills before Congress that could stop drunk drivers before they can even start a car.
Long Island Woman Sentenced To 3-6 Years In Prison For Running Over Father Of 3 While DrunkIt was a devastating day in court Wednesday as the family of a father who was run over was there to watch the driver be sentenced.
Former Suffolk Police Officer Sentenced To 3-9 Years In Prison For Fatal Drunk Driving CrashRobert Scheuerer was sentenced on Monday after pleading guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide in the September 2016 crash.
Man Accused Of Killing Boy Scout While Driving Drunk Due In CourtSuffolk County prosecutors say Thomas Murphy's blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when he plowed into a group of scouts walking in Manorville in September.
Police: Drunk Driver Claims He Was Only Drinking While StoppedA Florida man stopped by police says he wasn't driving drunk, he was only drinking while stopped at traffic lights.
Ahead Of Prom Season, NJ Teen Speaks Out About Devastating DWI CrashA New Jersey teen is sharing her story of a drunk driving crash, hoping to save lives.
Study: Fatal Drug-Related Crashes Now Outpacing Drunk Driving CrashesAccording to a new report in 2016, alcohol was involved in 38 percent of driver deaths while 44 percent of drivers killed tested positive for drugs.
NY Lawmaker: Lower Drunk Driving Limit From .08 To .05It typically takes about two drinks for most women and two or three for most men to get to a .05 blood-alcohol level.
Government-Commissioned Study Calls For Lowering Drunk Driving ThresholdShould you be considered legally drunk after a couple of drinks? A government-commissioned panel of scientists says the answer is yes, depending on your size.
Mom of Six Killed In Crash Heading Home From Visiting Preemie TwinsJust before the weekend, the life of a California mother of six was abruptly ended while on her way home from visiting her newborn twins in the hospital.