Elizabeth Ends Deal With Lime Days After Teen Dies In E-Scooter AccidentOn Tuesday, the city council voted unanimously to end its contract with Lime, after launching a pilot program at the beginning of November.
Hoboken Hires Officers To Crack Down On Bike, E-Scooter Riders Breaking Traffic LawsThe officers are being called Micro-Mobility Code Enforcement Officers.
New York Lawmakers Pass Bill Legalizing E-Bikes, E-ScootersE-bikes, and e-scooters are now legal in New York, but you won't be seeing scooter rental companies setting up shop in Manhattan any time soon.
New York Lawmakers Consider Bill To Legalize E-Bikes, E-ScootersElectric bikes, also known as e-bikes, could soon be sharing the roads in New York if a bill gets the votes needed to pass in Albany.
Lawmakers Reach Agreement To Make e-Bikes, Scooters Legal Across NYLawmakers managed to reach an agreement to make e-bikes and scooters legal across New York state.
Hoboken Police, City Leaders Support Ordinance Boosting Fines For E-Scooter Traffic ViolationsHoboken's scooter-share program has gotten off to a shaky start, and Thursday, the city began cracking down on people breaking the law.
Hoboken's E-Scooter Program In Chaos After Just 3 Days, Streets Filled With Riders Breaking Traffic LawsCBS2 cameras caught people riding on the sidewalk, running red lights, and going the wrong way down one-way streets since the program started less than a week ago.
Two Lawmakers Push To Legalize e-Bikes, Scooters In New YorkNew York is one of the last states that has yet to define and legalize e-bikes and scooters.
Controversial Plan To Legalize Motorized Bikes, Scooters In NYC Raises Safety ConcernsJust last year, Mayor de Blasio vowed to crack down on electric bikes which - along with motorized scooters - are currently illegal to operate in New York City.