Caught On Video: Eastchester Firefighter Rescues Dog From Icy PondThe firefighter was able to use specialized ice water equipment to safely pull the dog to dry land, where a blanket was waiting.
Father Who Was Shot While Protecting Children At Bronx Car Dealership Reportedly Loses Job Due To InjuryAccording to a GoFundMe page, the man lost his job due to his injury and needed surgery to remove the bullet.
Father Struck By Bullet While Shielding 3 Children From Gunfire In Bronx Car DealershipAccording to police, the three masked suspects ambushed the dealership, firing wildly at their intended target, who was inside, and then stole a customer's car outside the dealership to escape.
Eastchester Officials, Residents Stress Swimming Safety Guidelines During COVID-19 PandemicWith summer temperatures arriving, pools are quickly becoming a needed outlet for families who have been stuck indoors. But, families need to keep safety in mind.
Westchester County Family Told Banner With MLK Quote Can Go Back Up After Town Ordered It Taken DownA family in Westchester County who claimed they were unfairly targeted when their town forced them to take down a banner with a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is now being told the banner can go back up.
Westchester County Family Says They Were Unfairly Targeted After Being Forced To Take Down Banner With MLK QuoteIf they did not comply with taking it down, the letter threatened a $1,000 fine or jail time.
Alleged Eastchester School Intruder Under ArrestA homeless man got past security at the Waverly School in Eastchester and spent seven minutes inside unsupervised on Feb. 28. 
Security Under Review After Intruder Enters School In EastchesterA homeless man got past school security and spent seven minutes inside, unsupervised. 
Oh My Goodness: 4th Grader Collects Bottles To Raise Money For Operation SmileAn Eastchester girl started doing good after watching a commercial about children with cleft palates who struggle with eating, drinking, speaking and even smiling.
Ambitious Break-Through Break-In Nets Robber $300Police say an ambitious robber smashed his way through a roof and a wall to make off with just $300 from an Eastchester grocery store last Wednesday.
Man Found Dead On Subway Train In The BronxA man was found dead on a subway train in the Bronx Tuesday afternoon.