Sen. Chuck Schumer Pushing For Clean Cars On New York StreetsSen. Chuck Schumer is proposing a national plan that he says would save new car buyers money.
NYC DOT Plans To Remove 100 Parking Spots To Make Room For Charging StationsMore parking spots are disappearing across New York City. The goal is to encourage electric car ownership and meet environmental protection standards.
Orders For Tesla's Lower-Price Car Reach 325,000Tesla Motors said that worldwide orders for its new lower-priced Model 3 electric car have hit 325,000. CEO Elon Musk on Thursday added on Twitter that the number is still rising.
Connecticut Senator Looks To Change Law To Allow Tesla SalesConnecticut law currently protects car dealerships by preventing car manufacturers from selling directly to customers.
Tesla Opens Car 'Gallery,' Charging Station In ParamusHigh-end electric car maker Tesla opened a new showroom in Paramus on Thursday.
Chrissie Hynde Endorses Plan To Replace Horse Carriages With E-CarriagesA legend of punk and new wave threw her support behind a plan to ban horse-drawn carriages in New York City Wednesday.
Horse Carriage Driver's Union Backs Compromise To Keep Horses In Central ParkSome newspaper editorials and at least one New York City Councilman have proposed a compromise of stabling the horses in Central Park so they never have to cross paths with a car.
Westchester County Assemblyman Jockeying To Keep Horse-Drawn Carriages In NYCMayor Bill de Blasio has promised to send the controversial horse carriages running for the hills, but an effort in Albany may stall that plan.
New Jersey Bill Would Temporarily Allow Direct Sales Of Electronic CarsState Sen. Ray Lesniak's bill would allow for direct sales until electric cars make up 4 percent of auto sales.
Bloomberg To Propose More Electric Car Parking, Styrofoam BanOn the eve of his State of the City address, Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a new ban in store, as well as a parking proposal that might drive some New Yorkers crazy.
The Votes Are In: The Winners Of The 2012 New York Auto Show Are...The 113th-annual New York Auto Show runs through this Sunday. If you're planning to go, here are our picks of what not to miss.