6/3 CBS2 Sunday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesAfter yesterday's high in the upper 80s, we won't climb out of the 60s this afternoon.
5/30 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesIt'll be a much cooler day compared to yesterday's sizzler, with temps only in the mid 70s inland and stuck in the 60s at the coast.
5/28 CBS2 Monday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesAfter a cool and cloudy start to this Memorial Day, breaks of sun will continue to increase heading through this afternoon.
5/22 CBS2 Tuesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesExpect intermittent showers this afternoon with perhaps an isolated thunderstorm late.
5/14 CBS2 Monday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesThis afternoon will start off with some clouds, but we'll see an increase in sunshine. It will be a warmer day, too, with temps climbing into the low 70s.
Another Hot Day On Tap As Temperatures On Track To Break Spring Warm Weather RecordsHighs could tie or even break records Thursday, with temperatures expected to reach near 90 degrees.
Spring Sizzle: People Admit To Playing Hooky From Work, School To Enjoy Warm WeatherMany people said they earned it after the cold, wet days they endured in April.
5/2 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesIt will be another sunny one, but even hotter!
5/1 CBS2 Tuesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesSunshine will stick around for the remainder of the day with temperatures running about 25 degrees warmer than yesterday.
4/30 CBS2 Monday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesIt will be cool and breezy, too, with highs only in the 50s again.
4/26 CBS2 Thursday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesThis afternoon will be remarkably better than yesterday with a fair amount of sunshine and even warmer temps. Expect highs in the upper 60s or so.
4/25 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesWe'll see the rain taper off this afternoon with just some leftover drizzle or a shower here and there.
Spring Snowstorm Causes Slippery Morning Commute, Flight DisruptionsMild temperatures and bright sunshine caused quite a bit of melting by early afternoon – the one positive thing about an April snowstorm.
4/2 CBS2 Monday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesWe'll see more in the way of sunshine this afternoon with continued melting.
3/26 CBS2 Monday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesHighs will be slightly warmer than yesterday in the upper 40s.