Bloomberg: NYC Gas Rationing To Remain In Effect At Least Through FridayThe rationing system limits motorists to filling up only on odd or even days, based on the last digit of their license plate.
L.I. Odd-Even Gas Rationing Policy To End Early Saturday Morning Long Island drivers soon won't need to worry about what number their license plate ends in to fill up the tank.
Bloomberg: Gas Rationing To Stay In Place At Least Through The WeekendMayor Bloomberg said the system, which went into effect last Friday, has been working.
Odd-Even Gas Rationing System Ends In NJGas rationing in the Garden State, which has been in place in 12 northern counties since Nov. 3, ended at 6 a.m. Tuesday.
Bloomberg: Odd-Even Gas Rationing Could Remain In Place 'For A While'Bloomberg said it is hard to get accurate numbers to show how effective the gas rationing is, but said all evidence points to success in New York City.
Brooklyn Man Facing Felony Charge For Trying To Cut The Gas LineThe plan was to cut the line and get on the one reserved for police officers and first responders, which is usually much shorter than the lines for the public.
CBS 2 Investigation: NYC Employees Hoarding Free Gas For First RespondersAs millions of drivers alternate days and run on fumes, CBS 2 has uncovered a disturbing loophole for a privileged few. An exclusive investigation discovered city employees getting free gas -- originally meant for first responders.
Gas Rationing Odd-Even Rule Goes Into Effect In NYC, Long IslandThe new gas rationing rule that allows drivers to fill up every other day seems to be working as drivers reported shorter lines at stations in New York City and Long Island on Friday.
L.I., NYC Drivers React To Odd-Even Gas System As Officials Explain What's Fueling CrisisThe gas crisis was brought about in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, which left many gas stations reeling because of a lack of power and problems getting deliveries.
Odd-Even Gas Rationing System Coming To New York City, Long IslandNew York City and Long Island are following in New Jersey's footsteps in instituting an odd-even gas rationing system.
Shorter Lines As Yonkers Gas Rationing Is LiftedThe ten-gallon gas limit for those filling up in Yonkers has been lifted.