1/8 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather HeadlinesSome light snow and rain will slow your morning commute some as a weak front passes. This is the first part of a larger low pressure system bringing rain and some formidable snowfall to the Great Lakes region.
12/20 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather HeadlinesWe're starting off just fine today with mostly sunny skies and some pretty cold temps. But we expect clouds to fill in this afternoon and shower to arrive this evening.
8/24 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesBlue skies and cooler temps, lower humidity and comfortable breezes! These are a few descriptors to go along with the amazing Friday on tap.
8/11 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather HeadlinesExpect a wet weekend due to TWO lingering cold fronts that will combine forces to bring some some heavy, potentially flooding rains.
8/9 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesToday is looking to be a mostly great day! There is a slight chance for a few pop showers more north and west of the city but everywhere else is going to be clear.
7/13 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesSkies are partly clear to start off today with lots of sunshine to come!
7/5 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather HeadlinesSkies are partly clear to start off the day, and temps are a touch cooler than the last few days, but do not expect much relief from the heat today.
6/28 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather HeadlinesToday is looking to be a wet one. Those showers and thunderstorms started to move in last night and will stick around throughout the afternoon.
6/23 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather HeadlinesI hope you all have some fun weekend plans! Unfortunately we will likely have some wet weather to contend with.
6/22 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesA cloudy start is on the horizon for most of us to begin our Friday.
6/1 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesClouds, fog, showers, storms, sun are all in play today. The sun will have far and few breaks in between mostly cloudy conditions.