Federal Workers To Miss Second Paycheck If Government Doesn't Reopen By MidnightPresident Donald Trump and Congress seem no closer to reaching a deal on reopening the government.
Pop-Up Food Pantries Helping Furloughed Government EmployeesIt has been more than a month since the federal government shutdown started, and some workers in the Tri-State Area are feeling the impact. 
Shutdown Day 30: Schumer Pushes To Open Government, Help Furloughed WorkersIn a brief Sunday morning press conference, Schumer revealed new legislation that would protect government workers who can’t pay their bills because of the ongoing government shutdown.
De Blasio: Ongoing Federal Government Shutdown Will Have 'Massive Effects' On NYCIn a news conference, de Blasio said we are "entering a full-blown crisis" and that it's about to have what he calls "massive effects" on New York City.
Pet Rescue Organizations Trying To Help During Government ShutdownThey hope no more pets will need rescuing as a result of the government shutdown.
Trump's Chief Economic Adviser To Federal Workers: Get A LoanWith no end in sight to the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, many federal workers forced to work without pay are scrambling to find other ways of making ends meet.
As Shutdown Drags On, Number Of TSA Workers Calling Off Work SpikesAfter missing paychecks due to the partial government shutdown on Friday, the number of Transportation Security Administration officers not showing up for work has grown.
NYC Museum Worker Offers Snapshot Of What It's Like For Some During Government ShutdownThe government shutdown is affecting federal workers and contractors who are trying to get by without their paychecks.
Former DHS Chief: Trump Plan To Use Disaster Aid For Border Wall 'More Legally Plausible'The White House directed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to explore using $13.9 billion in funds the corps received for disaster relief in 2018 to begin building a border wall.
Food Drive On Long Island Helps Federal Employees Furloughed During Government ShutdownFood, supplies and gift card drives launched today on Long Island. 
Tri-State Federal Workers In Dire Financial Straits As Government Shutdown Enters Third WeekOn Thursday, federal workers from New York to California rallied in hopes of ending the stalemate.