Sand Tiger Shark Nursery Discovered In Great South BayScientists from the New York Aquarium have located a rare nursery ground for sand tiger sharks near the shore of Long Island in the Great South Bay.
Pilot Walks Away Uninjured After Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Waters Off BayportAn experimental seaplane crash landed in waters off Long Island Tuesday, and incredibly, the pilot walked away unharmed.
Good Samaritans Rescue Family Of Five From Sinking Boat Off Long IslandGood Samaritans and police officers rescued a family of five after their boat sank in the Great South Bay off Long Island.
Teenage Boys Escape Safely When Boat Engine Catches Fire Off Long IslandThere was a close call off the waters of Long Island this week, when the U.S. Coast Guard had to rescue a group of teenagers when their boat engine caught fire.
Brown Tide In Great South Bay Puts Clams At RiskFor the third straight year, a brown tide has been spreading across the Great South Bay off Long Island.
Police Rescue 3 From Water After Boat Catches Fire In Great South BayA fire extinguisher on board didn't work so the men put on life vests and jumped overboard.
Suffolk Executive Bellone Unveils Plans For New Smith Point BridgeSmith Point County Park is home to the TWA Flight 800 memorial and a 5-mile-long public beach.
Police Rescue Long Island Duck Hunter Stranded In Great South BayA Long Island duck hunter had to be rescued by police after becoming stranded on an island amid sub-freezing temperatures and high winds.