Capellini: Islanders' Chances In Game 7 Come Down To 2 Words — Jaroslav HalakHe had a good, but not great, regular season. So far he's been very good in the playoffs. Now the Islanders need Jaroslav Halak to be exceptional. And history suggests he should be.
Capellini: Islanders' Fourth Line Having A Ball Bringing The Boom To The CapitalsThe Islanders came out like guided missiles to begin Game 3, launching themselves at everything that moved. And to absolutely no one's surprise, the fourth line led the way.
Capellini: With An Effort Most Didn't Expect, Islanders Grew Up In A Hurry In Game 1The Islanders were simply a different team in Game 1 than the one that went just 6-8-5 over the season's final quarter. They imposed their will against the Capitals.
Capellini: Islanders Are Doing An Absolutely Wonderful Job Making A Mess Of EverythingIt happened so fast on Tuesday night, there wasn't time to feel much of anything except total shock. The anger came later.
Capellini: With Playoffs Looming, Islanders Need Halak To Be Their MVP The Rest Of The WayJaroslav Halak is a very good goaltender. But does he have the game to help take the Islanders to the next level? We're going to find out.
Green Lantern: Revis' Return A Clear Sign Of Jets' New Commitment To WinningForever feeling cut off at the knees, the Jets fan is walking a little taller this day.
Capellini: Islanders' Excellent Record Hides Some Flaws That Must Be FixedHow good are the Islanders? We're going to find out as they are set to begin a brutal seven-game road trip through Western Canada and points elsewhere.
Green Lantern: Rex Was The Right Guy For Jets And Deserved Better Than He GotSomebody should thank this man for his service. He deserves it and then some.
Green Lantern: Decker Deserves A Lot More Respect Than He ReceivesEric Decker has persevered during a tough first season with the Jets, slowly proving that he's not a product of someone else's greatness.
Green Lantern: Jets May Be A Mess, But Harvin Trade Should Bode Well For FutureDespite all the mistakes that have led to fans literally taking it upon themselves to force John Idzik out, the Jets' general manager did make one decision that has worked out well for his 2-11 team.
Green Lantern: Gotta Hand It To The Jets, They Never Cease To AmazeLet's be serious. Forget the Raiders and the Rams. Why don't the Jets just move to Los Angeles? They certainly aren't serving any purpose here.
Capellini: Islanders Are Real Deal Because Usual Weaknesses Are Now StrengthsThe mob formed at the gate armed with pitchforks and torches. It mattered little that it was just the eighth game of the season. The crowd wanted blood. They wanted Jaroslav Halak's head on a stick.
Green Lantern: If Geno Is Still In The Picture, Jets Better Make Timeout BriefThis Sunday's game in Kansas City means nothing to me. Michael Vick can throw five touchdown passes and the Jets can put forth their best effort of the season on both sides of the ball and it won't mean jack.
Green Lantern: Idzik Deserves A Gold Star For Bringing Harvin To The JetsThere's a common misconception about the Percy Harvin trade that needs to be cleared up before we can all move forward. The Jets didn't do it to save their season.
Green Lantern: The Jets Are 1-6 By Design -- And Don't You Ever Forget ItThey never cease to amaze. The Jets have always owned the patent on inventive ways to lose, but Thursday night's defeat was their most maddening failure in some time.