With Local Grocery Stores Having Trouble Staying Afloat, What Does It Mean For Shoppers?Increased competition and online shopping have put pressure on familiar store brands like Fairway, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month. 
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Only Local Supermarket In Westchester Town Closes"It's crazy. I mean, I don't understand it. We should have a supermarket," resident said Maryanne Kholdani.
Police: Thief Steals SUV With Child In Back SeatPolice say the child's mother was loading groceries into the vehicle outside a supermarket when a man jumped into the driver's seat and hit the gas.
Report: City Supermarkets May Be Ripping You OffConsumer Affairs said Wednesday the last time they performed inspections of overpriced, improperly taxed or inaccurate scanners, about half of the supermarkets flunked.