Health Officials: Widespread Cases Of Flu Reported Across New York State, Hundreds Hospitalized Already"Flu season occurs primarily from October through May," the New York State Department of Health said in a statement Thursday.
Retired NYPD Officer Battling ALS Alone Gets Amazing Outpouring Of Support After Social Media Post Goes Viral“I was guarding a prisoner at a hospital that broke a bed rail in a hospital room and attacked me with it. I wound up suffering head injuries that brought on ALS,” Mike Vinitsky explained.
Could Hair Dye And Straighteners Increase A Woman's Risk For Breast Cancer?The Sister Study found that women who dyed their hair were 9% more likely to develop breast cancer than women who did not color their hair.
CDC: 7 Southern States Reporting Worst Flu Rates In A Decade, 5 Children DeadThere have been 573 confirmed flu hospitalizations reported between Oct. 1 and Nov. 23.
Study Shows Adolescents, Young Adults At Increasing Risk For PrediabetesPrediabetes is defined by several tests as an inability to keep blood sugar in a normal range.
App Offers Financial Incentives For Addicts To Stay CleanFamily members, friends, even insurance companies and employers can cover the incentive payments for users.
New York Grandmother Makes Stunning Recovery, Survives Nearly Fatal 'Internal Decapitation'Doctors say that if the brace had been removed, any slight movement could have severed Bernitt's spinal cord – killing her instantly.
Lice Being Found In More Patients Who Wear Eyelash Extensions, Doctors WarnYou likely won't be able to see them with the naked eye, but the waste left behind around the eye is visible.
New York City Approves Ban On Sale Of Flavored E-CigarettesSupporters of the ban say the flavors target kids, but adult users worry they will return to traditional tobacco.
'What Else Can I Go Through?': Double Hand Transplant Recipient Now Needs A New KidneyA groundbreaking double hand transplant resulted in unforeseen consequences. It's a story about the power of modern medicine, but especially the resilience of one woman's spirit. 
Here Are The Tips You Need To Avoid The Stress Of The Holidays This YearA new poll by Mount Sinai South Nassau finds women under 50 are the most stressed out during the holidays.