HealthWatch: Combating Chronic SinusitisThere's new help for chronic sinusitis sufferers. They are a couple of little plastic devices that dissolve and release medicine to treat those awful sinus symptoms and make breathing easy.
HealthWatch: Beware Of Candy Look-Alike MedicinesThere's a hidden danger in all that Halloween candy that is still waiting to be eaten. Actually, it's not the candy, itself, but what it can look like.
HealthWatch: New Hope For Those With Polio-Like AFMThe numbers keep climbing for a mysterious disease causing sudden weakness and paralysis.
HealthWatch: New Study Says Moderate Exercise Can Help Fathers-To-Be Pass On Lasting Health To ChildrenCould a dad's lifestyle impact the lifelong health of his child, even before the child is born?
HealthWatch: Clip That Goes In Without Surgery Said To Offer Tremendous Benefits To Heart Valve PatientsA tiny heart clip that can fix a leaky heart valve and save hundreds of thousands of lives appears to be a game-changer for heart failure patients.
HealthWatch: Resetting The Immune System To Treat Crohn's DiseaseCrohn's disease affects more than 700,000 Americans.
Health Watch: Airplane Flu Outbreak Acting As Flu Shot WarningThe reported flu outbreak among passengers on a United Arab Emirates flight quarantined at JFK is reminding many that it's time to get a flu shot.
HealthWatch: Link Between Hypertension, Type 2 DiabetesA hormone that's normally associated with high blood pressure is also linked to diabetes. And as CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reported, this could lead to new ways to prevent diabetes.
HealthWatch: Patients Have Needed Weapon In Fight Against AllergiesWe've been talking quite a bit about the terrible heat. But the temperature is not the only problem with the air. Allergy season is in full swing, thanks to all the pollen out there.
Dirty Dish Towels Can Increase Risk For Food PoisoningA new study showed about half of kitchen towels contained bacterial growth such as E. coli and staph.
New Research 'Hacks' Brain's 'Code' To Combat Memory LossWe can all be forgetful sometimes, but millions of Americans have lost the ability to make memories because of brain injury or illness.