HealthWatch: Combating Chronic SinusitisThere's new help for chronic sinusitis sufferers. They are a couple of little plastic devices that dissolve and release medicine to treat those awful sinus symptoms and make breathing easy.
HealthWatch: Beware Of Candy Look-Alike MedicinesThere's a hidden danger in all that Halloween candy that is still waiting to be eaten. Actually, it's not the candy, itself, but what it can look like.
HealthWatch: New Hope For Those With Polio-Like AFMThe numbers keep climbing for a mysterious disease causing sudden weakness and paralysis.
HealthWatch: New Study Says Moderate Exercise Can Help Fathers-To-Be Pass On Lasting Health To ChildrenCould a dad's lifestyle impact the lifelong health of his child, even before the child is born?
HealthWatch: Clip That Goes In Without Surgery Said To Offer Tremendous Benefits To Heart Valve PatientsA tiny heart clip that can fix a leaky heart valve and save hundreds of thousands of lives appears to be a game-changer for heart failure patients.
HealthWatch: Resetting The Immune System To Treat Crohn's DiseaseCrohn's disease affects more than 700,000 Americans.
Health Watch: Airplane Flu Outbreak Acting As Flu Shot WarningThe reported flu outbreak among passengers on a United Arab Emirates flight quarantined at JFK is reminding many that it's time to get a flu shot.
HealthWatch: Link Between Hypertension, Type 2 DiabetesA hormone that's normally associated with high blood pressure is also linked to diabetes. And as CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reported, this could lead to new ways to prevent diabetes.