Study: Too Much Sleep As Bad For The Heart As Too LittleThere is an important health warning about your heart and how much you're sleeping, or not sleeping.
New Technique Helping Women Avoid Heart Problems During Breast Cancer TreatmentPatients wear a snorkel-like device during radiation. They take a deep breath and hold it; increasing the distance between the heart and the area of the breast getting the radiation.
HealthWatch: AHA Issues New Cholesterol GuidelinesThe American Heart Association has revised its recommendations for who needs to take cholesterol-lowering medications.
Health Watch: Super Fish Oil May Cut Risk Of Heart Disease And StrokeIt turns out there's an FDA-approved drug called Vascepa that's a highly purified fatty acid.
Study Sets The Record Straight On What Foods Help Prevent Heart DiseaseEveryone has a different suggestion of what you should eat to prevent heart disease, the number one killer of Americans.
Eating Cheese Won't Increase Risk Of Heart Problems, Study SaysResearchers say eating dairy products won’t increase your risk of developing heart problems later on in life.
Breast Cancer Treatments Can Raise Heart Disease Risk In WomenThe America Heart Association has published the first scientific statement about the link between these two major threats to women’s health.
Catching The Flu Can Increase Your Risk Of Heart Attack, Study ShowsThe chance of having a heart attack increases six-fold during the first seven days after flu infection.
Heart Disease Is Preventable, But Many Women Still Don’t Know The Risk FactorsHeart attacks kill five times as many women each year as breast cancer, but many women still don't know the risk factors for heart disease.
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Heart Disease Develops, Strikes Women At A Surprisingly Young AgeShould women in their 20s and 30s be concerned about heart disease? The answer is yes.