Joseph Borgen, Brutally Beaten By Group Of Suspects In Manhattan's Diamond District, Speaks Out: 'My Whole Face Felt Like It Was On Fire For Hours'The mob allegedly kicked Borgen, beat him with crutches and pepper sprayed him. 
Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Holds Overnight, But Tensions Remain High In New York City & AbroadCBS2's John Dias spoke with Alain Sanders, a political science professor at St. Peters University in Jersey City.
Dozens Arrested After Fights Break Out Between Pro-Palestinian, Pro-Israeli Protesters In New YorkThe unrest comes as a cease-fire was called after more than 10 days of fighting in the Middle East.
Israel Says It Has Agreed To A Cease-FireThe Israeli government said it had agreed to a cease-fire in its conflict with Hamas late Thursday after 11 days of violence that saw over 200 Palestinians and 12 Israelis killed in the worst fighting in the region in years.
Hamas Lays Down Its Terms As Calls For A Ceasefire Get LouderAs the international community ramped up pressure for a ceasefire deal, senior Hamas officials laid out their conditions on Wednesday for a truce with Israel to end the current cycle of bloodshed in the Mideast.
Death Toll Climbs As Calls For An Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Go UnheededThree huge explosions shook Gaza City early on Tuesday morning as the conflict between Hamas and Israel continued unbated.
Israel Pounds Gaza With Another Round Of Deadly AirstrikesAt least 42 people, including children, were killed Sunday in Gaza, and several large buildings were destroyed.
Israeli Airstrike In Gaza Destroys Building Housing Foreign MediaAn Israeli airstrike destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed offices of The Associated Press and other media outlets.
Thousands Flee Israeli Fire As Death Toll MountsThousands of Palestinians grabbed children and belongings and fled their homes Friday as Israel barraged the northern Gaza Strip with tank fire and airstrikes.
Religious Violence Spreads Across Israel As Death Toll From Gaza Airstrikes MountsCBS News reported that Jewish and Arab neighbors who've lived side-by-side for generations have started to turn on each other.
Israel Vows To Increase Gaza Strikes Until There Is 'Total, Long-Term Quiet' Amid Barrage Of Palestinian Rocket FireRockets streamed out of Gaza and Israel pounded the territory with airstrikes early Wednesday as the most severe outbreak of violence since the 2014 war took on many hallmarks of that devastating 50-day conflict.