Former Mayor Bloomberg Reports For Jury Duty In Manhattan Assault CaseOn Tuesday, the three-term mayor joined a pool of other potential jurors in the assault trial of 55-year-old Wan Lie.
Donald Trump Reports For Jury Duty In Manhattan, Does Not Get PickedHe arrived in a limousine -- about 10 minutes late -- and made his way up the steps through the swarm of media members and onlookers.
Donald Trump Scheduled To Report For Jury Duty In Manhattan On MondayDonald Trump will have to take a break from the campaign trail on Monday.
Who's That Girl At Jury Duty? It's Madonna!The pop icon reported for jury duty Monday in Manhattan, but her appearance was more of a drop-in photo op for starstruck passersby.
German Shepherd Called To Jury Duty In New JerseyNobody likes being hounded for jury duty, least of all a dog, but that's exactly what happened in New Jersey.
Officials: Fraudsters Target Bergen County Residents With Jury Duty Phone ScamFraudsters are apparently targeting Bergen County residents with a jury duty phone scam. Calls have been made on pre-paid cell phones with '201' area codes, the Bergen County Sheriff's office said.
Juror Laid-Off After Being Assigned To Trial Of Bin Laden's Son-In-LawShe told the court that her employer said that it would be to her benefit to lose her job so that she could collect unemployment while serving jury duty.
Caroline Kennedy To Serve As Juror In Drug CaseShe told the judge she has known the current District Attorny Cyrus Vance since she was in elementary school but said it would not affect her judgment.
Dispute Over Pettitte Testimony At Clemens Retrial; 'No, No, No' Guy QualifiesThe retrial of former Yankees star Roger Clemens turned from an early-week snoozer to something more intriguing Wednesday.
NYC High School Teacher Accused Of Forging Jury Duty NoticeA closer look at the document revealed numerous errors. "Trail" was written instead of "trial," "sited" for "cited," and "manger" for "manager," officials said.
CBS 2's Tony Aiello Discusses Jury Duty With Giants CEO John MaraHis team puts eleven men on the field. But for the last few weeks NY Giants CEO John Mara has been one of 12 people in a box – a jury box.