Lynbrook School Sees 11 Sets Of Twins In One Kindergarten Class"As we had registration last winter we had five sets, then it turned into six and seven, and a few weeks ago we just got our 11th set of twins," Principal Ellen Postman said.
Nearly 70K Applications For NYC Kindergarten Spots SubmittedThe families of almost 70,000 New York City kindergarten children have applied for spots in their favorite schools.
LI School Stands Firm On Decision To Cancel Kindergarten Show Despite Protest From ParentsSome parents believe the year-end kindergarten show at the Harley Avenue Elementary School was canceled by the district as part of a Common Core curriculum protest.
As Officials Fight For Pre-K, Kindergarten Programs Fall Victim To Budget WoesAs the push for universal prekindergarten in New York state makes headlines nearly every day, some residents outside New York City are wondering if state leaders are getting ahead of themselves.
Parents In Summit, N.J. May Have To Pay For Full-Day KindergartenThe Summit School District wants parents to foot the bill after free full-day kindergarten was voted down months ago. Under the proposal, full-day kindergarten would cost parents $5,500 a year.
DOE Announces 'Kindergarten Connect' To Streamline Enrollment ProcessThe online form will allow parents to submit all their application information in one place, rank the schools and get enrolled.
Parents Upset After 'God Bless The USA' Taken Out Of Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony At Coney Island SchoolThe song that was initially said to be taken its place was “Baby” by teenage heart-throb Justin Bieber. However, at a Monday afternoon news conference with the mayor and schools chancellor, it was learned that won't be the case.
Cash-Strapped Rockland County School District Close To Eliminating KindergartenThis Rockland County district has kindergarten on the chopping block because its budget was rejected by voters, an apparent push-back from a large population of ultra-Orthodox Jewish residents who school their children elsewhere and feel overtaxed.
Yonkers City Council Calls For Wage FreezeTo save about 700 jobs in the city, the Yonkers City Council voted to have an across-the-board wage freeze.
Parents Vie For Coveted Kindergarten Slot At Newark's Ann Street SchoolThere were well over 100 people on line, cordial but keenly aware they were competing to enroll their children in what is perceived to be the best kindergarten program in the neighborhood.
Some Parents Cheat To Get Their Kids Into Popular B'Klyn SchoolAccording to PTA officials, desperate parents from other neighborhoods have tried to use someone else's Park Slope address to get their children into P.S. 107.