At Union's Request, NHL To Resume Labor Talks With Locked-Out PlayersSo much for a two-week break. Just over a week since the last set of failed negotiations, the NHL and the locked-out players' association will return to the bargaining table Monday.
Latest Round Of NHL Labor Talks Offer No Progress, Little OptimismBoth sides in the NHL labor fight seem willing to talk. The problem is neither group likes what is being said at the other end of the table.
NFL Lockout: Reason For Optimism, But Hurdles Remain In CBA TalksDark clouds no longer dominate the NFL horizon. Rays of sunshine have broken through as owners and players make progress in labor talks. So what could cause rain to fall, washing away the chance of a deal? Plenty.
Where's The Sanity In NFL, Union Labor Talks?Hard-liners on both sides -- the NFL and players' union -- have taken negotiations to the brink, and there's no indication that sanity will prevail before the current collective bargaining agreement expires and things really begin to get nasty.
NFL, Union Approaching Full Week Of MediationWhen the NFL and the players' union agreed to federal mediation, they knew it was voluntary. In theory, either side could walk away at any time. Instead, they keep coming back to the table.
NFL, Union Negotiate For 25-Plus Hours Over 4 DaysAt least one person participating in the federally mediated NFL labor negotiations was willing to say something — anything — about how he felt after more than 25 hours of meetings over four days. "Things are going well right now," said Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch.
NFL, Players' Union Resume Talks For 4th Straight DayThe NFL and its players' union met with a federal mediator for the fourth day in a row Monday, trying to make progress toward a new collective bargaining agreement before the current labor deal expires.
NFL, Union Meet For 3rd Day With Federal MediatorThe NFL and its players' union met before a federal mediator for the third consecutive day on Sunday, trying to find common ground for a new labor deal before the current one expires.
Keidel: NFL FlubsTo paraphrase Bill Clinton in 1994 while discussing baseball’s labor angst, I don’t get why y’all can’t just figure out how to share a few billion dollars.
NFL, Players' Union Cancel Day 2 Of Labor TalksNegotiations to prevent an NFL lockout took a grim turn Thursday with the cancellation of the second day of a planned two-day bargaining session.