Better Treatment Found For Life-Threatening Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm ConditionIf an AAA is found, the solution used to be major surgery to open the abdomen, cut out the aneurysm and replace it with an artificial graft.
Male Breast Cancer In The Spotlight After Beyonce's Father Reveals Stunning DiagnosisIt's rare, but not so much that men can ignore it. About one in a hundred cases of breast cancer will be found in men. That works out to about 2,000 men with breast cancer every year in the U.S.
No More Facelifts? New Procedure Tightens Aging Skin Without Resorting To Surgery“This is all going to be about radio-frequency induced heat contraction, unlike prior devices that were superficial - this is deep,” Dr. Romo said. 
This Flu Season Could Be Much Worse Than Others, Health Officials WarnThe Centers for Disease Control says confirmed cases are at just over 7,000. That's more than double what they were at this time last year.
Teen’s Sudden Death Raises Caffeine Concern Among ParentsSoda, coffee, and energy drinks are popular with teenagers. And while caffeine may not necessarily be good for them, could it actually kill them?
Yo-Yo Dieting After Menopause Could Pose Heart Health Risk To Some Women, Study ClaimsAre you a 'yo-yo' dieter who loses weight, gains it back, loses it, and then gains it back all over again?
Surgeons To Perform Life-Saving Operation On Young Girl With Facial TumorA pair of New York surgeons is using groundbreaking medical techniques to rescue a baby girl from a massive tumor on her face.
Moroccan Teen With Life-Threatening Facial Growth Unveils New Look At NYC HospitalIt was a risky surgery, but one that may have saved one teenager's face -- along with his life.
Husband And Wife Accused Of Stealing Hundreds Of Thousands From Lenox Hill Hospital PatientsMore than 80 emergency room patients at Lenox Hill Hospital had their personal information stolen.
Woman Undergoes Painstaking Procedure To Reverse Botched Butt AugmentationHere’s a serious warning about cut-rate plastic surgery and its terrible consequences. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez recently spoke to one young woman about her agonizing ordeal.
Research Points To Link Between Use Of Bleach, Infections In ChildrenThey found that children living in homes that are cleaned with bleach weekly had a 20 percent higher rate of childhood infections than those who did not.