Teen Reportedly Struck By Lightning During Another Night Of Severe Storms In New JerseyIt happened when a storm blew through Chatham Thursday evening and it’s believed a bolt of lightning hit the field somewhere Chatham Middle School.
Long Island Animal Shelter Needs Help After Lightning Destroys Its Air Conditioning UnitThanks to Mother Nature, a Long Island animal rescue has been turned into a swelter shelter.
'I Couldn't See, Couldn't Hear, Couldn't Move': Long Island Man Recounts Getting Struck By Lightning During Sunday's StormsSunday night's fierce storms brought lightning strikes to our area. One of them struck a man who was outside, he said, taking in the view.
CBS2 Exclusive: Victim Speaks After Being Struck By Lightning In Poughkeepsie ParkA survivor was sharing her story Monday after a lightning strike left and three others injured – and one person dead – in Poughkeepsie last week.
2 Women Struck By Lightning In Jersey Shore CommunityTwo women have been struck by lightning in separate incidents in a Jersey Shore town.
5 Beachgoers Injured When Lightning Strikes Ground In Long BeachThe powerful storms that swept through the area late Thursday afternoon gave some beachgoers a serious scare in Long Beach.
Lightning Sparks Fires On Jersey City StreetWork crews said electrical wires above the street fell to the ground after being hit by a bolt of lightning and then melted the asphalt.
New Jersey Home Goes Up In Flames After Lightning StrikeFirefighters in New Jersey are on the scene of a house fire that was started by a strike of lighting.
Lightning Strike Knocks Out Police Dispatching System In Fairview, N.J.One of the antennas on the roof of Fairview Borough Hall has been split into three stems from the lightning strike.
Lightning Strikes N.J. Home, Knocks Out PowerThere was a close call for a Garden State family Thursday morning, when lightning struck their home. The crack of thunder was so loud it caused temporary hearing loss.
Construction Worker Recovering From Lightning Strike Equivalent To Zap From Subway Third Rail“[It was] like having a bomb go off at your feet,” Gus Bertolf said.