NYC Food Truck Lunch: Krispy Fish Bowl From Kimchi Taco TruckKTT serves Korean tacos, burritos and rice bowls, but there are more than Korean and Mexican influences on the menu. Kimchi arancini and Korean rice gnocchi have Italian influences, and tofu edamame falafel has Middle Eastern ingredients.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: "The Fonz" From DiSO's Italian Sandwich Society
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Spicy Pork Platter From El Rey Del SaborThe beans were soft but not mushy, and the rice had a little extra flavor. It tasted like chicken broth might have been used to make the rice instead of water.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Ground Pork Banh Mi From The Banh Mi CartOn top of the ground pork were slices of cucumber, jalapeño slices and fresh cilantro. The jalapeño really added some heat, but they will be left off if you want mild instead of spicy. The fresh cilantro also left an unmistakable aroma and flavor, which we mean in the best way possible.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Sesame Chicken and Dumplings From ChopstixIn a one-block stretch just west of Water St, there were food carts with Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. You gotta love New York City!
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Soup and Falafel From Moshe's FalafelThis soup didn't have any meat, but it was loaded with ingredients such as potatoes, onions, celery, and of course, mushrooms and barley.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Roast Chicken From Red OliveOur travels recently took us down to the Financial District, where we ran across the Red Olive food truck parked on Water St. just north of Hanover Square.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Kua Kai Noodles and Dumplings From Thai On WheelsWe're not usually fond of chicken dumplings, but these steamed chicken dumplings were excellent. A thin egg wrapper held lightly seasoned ground chicken, and came with two dipping sauces: a sweet soy/vinegar sauce and a spicy red chili sauce.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Korean BBQ From Kong BabWe started with the beef that served double duty. It was marinated in a sweet, fruity marinade if you order bulgogi. But if you want spicy beef, they add a spicy, sort of bbq sauce that perked up the flavor nicely.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: The Metroarepa From MetroarepasInside the arepa are shredded meats, with the Metroarepa including 3 types of shredded meat - beef, chicken and pork. Other arepas have only one type of meat, but why not get the dish with all three? You only live once!
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Japanese Tacos From Yaki TacoOf the main courses, our favorite was the curry beef. It was tender and appeared to have been cooked slowly over a long period of time.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Curry Chicken From Mysttik MasaalaOur lunch was topped with red onion, fresh cilantro, and there was a huge bay leaf right on top. Too bad you can't smell this review!
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Torta Cubana From Tacos Mi MexicoYou might ask what this sandwich has in common with a traditional Cuban sandwich. The answer is "not much." Roast pork was about the extent of it, but there were other redeeming qualities.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Assorted Tacos From Los ViajerosContinuing the Vendy Award theme of the past few weeks' reviews, this week we went to Los Viajeros, who were one of the finalists in the Rookie of the Year category.
NYC Food Truck Lunch: Chicken Thigh Platter From MeatossThe name Meatoss doesn't exactly fall off the tongue, but we care more about the food than the name of the food truck.