International Studies Show New Lung Cancer Screenings Could Reduce Mortality By 20%CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez spoke with Dr. Joshua Sabari from NYU's Langone's Perlmutter Cancer Center about new lung cancer screenings that could reduce mortality rates.
How 2 New Yorkers Are Tipping The Odds Of Lung Cancer SurvivalThe key to beating lung cancer is early detection with a lung scan, and a major way to improve the chances of surviving is now free thanks to two New Yorkers.
Life-Saving Tactic In Detecting, Fighting Lung Cancer In New Yorkers Now Being Offered For FreeStudies proved that early lung cancer detection does save lives, but screening costs money and were inconvenient until now.
Health Watch: New Radiation Therapy Acts Like GPS For Lung CancerThis new technology tells doctors and the linear accelerator producing the radiation beam, exactly where the cancer is in a patient’s lung.
New Procedure Helps Some Lung Cancer Patients Beat The OddsTiny coils are helping surgeons save healthy lung tissue that would otherwise be removed along with the tumor in surgery.
New Cases Of Lung Cancer Spreading To Younger WomenAfter treating her for pneumonia, doctors discovered a 44-year-old mother, herself a non-smoker, had stage IV lung cancer.
Doctors Study Effects Of Using Nicotine Patches To Fight Lung DiseaseIt sounds like the exact opposite of what you should do: Use a drug found in cigarette smoke to fight lung disease. But that’s just what doctors are doing.
Could B Vitamin Megadoses Actually Increase Lung Cancer Risk For Male Smokers?Could vitamin B supplements protect against lung cancer? One new study suggests the opposite.
J.P. Parise, Former Islander And Father Of Zach, Dies At 73J.P. Parise, a Minnesota North Stars standout who also played for Canada in a landmark series against the Soviet Union in 1972, has died of lung cancer. He was 73.
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy Announces Diagnosis Of 'Treatable' Form Of Lung Cancer"Several diagnostic tests have led to a diagnosis of lung cancer. A treatment plan will begin soon and I look forward to its successful completion," she said in a statement on her official website.
Report: Lung Cancer Number One Cancer Killer In New York StateThe American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network's recently-released statistics found there will be an estimated 8,800 lung cancer deaths statewide this year.