NY Expands Insurance Coverage Of Mammograms For WomenThe measure is known as Shannon's Law after Shannon Saturno, a Long Island woman who died from breast cancer at age 31.
Leading Physicians At Odds Over Age For Women To Ramp Up Breast Cancer ScreeningsThe debate over breast cancer screening for women is heating up.
FDA Wants To Require Mammogram Providers To Notify Women About Their Breast Tissue DensityThe Food and Drug Administration is proposing the first changes to breast cancer screenings in decades.
Smart Curve Makes For More Comfortable MammogramsMammograms are proven life-savers, detecting breast cancer at early, treatable stages. But some women find getting a mammogram to be very uncomfortable, even painful.
Mammograms In The Mall? Long Island Shopping Center Makes Health Care More ConvenientInside the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, between the Sears and the Cinnabon, shoppers can find a discrete clinic with water, coffee, a waiting room, even mood music.
American Cancer Society's New Mammogram Recommendations Creating Confusion Among WomenThe American Cancer Society is changing its breast cancer screening recommendations.
Long-Term Study From Harvard Finds Benefits Of Mammograms May Be OverstatedOne of the largest reviews to date finds that mammograms do save lives, but not as many as people believe. That benefit comes with some risks of its own, the study found.
NJ Law Aims To Raise Awareness Of 'Breast Density' Issue For Women Undergoing MammogramsIt may not be widely known but breast density can make it more difficult for mammograms to detect breast cancer.
Study: Mammograms Do Not Improve Survival Rates In Middle-Aged WomenThe research suggests that mammograms are not any better at helping women beat the disease than self exams or routine physicals by a doctor.
Great Strides Being Made With 3D Mammography In Rye BrookThere aren't many of the new 3D digital mammography machines around yet, but Rye Radiology in Rye Brook has one.
New Study Questions Benefits Of MammogramsA new study suggests the benefits of getting a mammogram may be more modest than previously estimated.