Marvin Bethea On Responding To 9/11, Fighting For First Responder Health Benefits: 'I'm Proud That I Was Able To Serve Our Country'Bethea won't admit it, but he is truly one of the unsung heroes of 9/11.
Brian Benjamin Sworn In As Lieutenant Governor Of New YorkAfter 16 days on the job and a series of what she called "extraordinary challenges," Gov. Kathy Hochul now has a partner and running mate in new Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin.
New York City Council Calls For Oversight Hearing On Why City Wasn't Better Prepared For IdaCity officials released a flooding analysis in May that called for updating flash flood responses by 2023 due to an increase in annual rainfall.
Ida In NYC: Gov. Kathy Hochul Questions Why Subways Weren't Closed Earlier, Details Priorities To Avoid Station FloodingThe waters pouring into the 28th Street subway station Wednesday night looked like a mini Niagara Falls.
New York State Legislature Mulling Bill That Would Extend Eviction Moratorium To Jan. 15After only a week in office, Gov. Kathy Hochul called the Legislature back to Albany to fix two hot potato problems inherited from Andrew Cuomo.
Gov. Hochul: Tens Of Millions Of Dollars Will Soon Be Available To Local Governments For COVID Booster Shot InfrastructureIn a stark departure from her predecessor, she said she's not going to issue open-ended mandates that leave no room for localities to determine what works best for them.
Gov. Hochul Praised For Getting Out In Front Of NYC's Subway Snafu; Next, She's Expected To Tackle Eviction MoratoriumIt was the morning after a massive subway meltdown -- 7:15 a.m. -- and if New Yorkers wanted to know where their governor was, the answer was simple.
Gov. Hochul Says MTA Will Be 'Far More Liberated,' Vows She Won't MicromanageThe MTA is getting a new conductor, but Hochul says she doesn't want to drive the train, she just wants to make sure it stays on the track.
Hochul Administration Acknowledges 12,000 More COVID Deaths In N.Y. Than Cuomo Admin PublicizedThat brings the total number of COVID-19 deaths in the state up to 55,395, a jump from 43,400 reported by the Cuomo administration. 
Gov. Kathy Hochul Hits The Ground Running, Outlines Priorities: Fighting COVID, Financial Relief, Ethics ReformIn her inaugural address Tuesday afternoon, Gov. Kathy Hochul discussed her top priorities, including managing the COVID pandemic and making changes to the culture in Albany.
5 Things To Know: Meet New York's New Governor Kathy HochulWho is Hochul, and what should New Yorkers know about their new leader?