Telehealth Behavioral Therapy Now Being Reimbursed By Government, Insurance CompaniesMental health issues have always taken a tremendous toll on society: Economic, physical and emotional. It's even greater during the pandemic and in a divided political climate.
Max Minute: Inexpensive, Fast Coronavirus Test Given Emergency Use Authorization By FDAMost public health experts agree that fast, widespread and affordable coronavirus testing is essential to bring the pandemic under control.
Max Minute: Benefits Of Convalescent Plasma Therapy To COVID-19 Patients Unclear, Despite FDA's Emergency Use AuthorizationIn a surprise move, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reversed course over the weekend and gave emergency use authorization to an antibody treatment for COVID-19.
Max Minute: Saliva Test May Finally Be Breakthrough Doctors Have Been Looking For To Quickly Identify Coronavirus PatientsThe method, called "Saliva Direct," checks for the virus' genetics and has been shown to be as accurate as nasal swab tests. It's being further validated in the so-called NBA bubble.
Max Minute: Too Much Indoor Cleaning Could Aggravate AllergiesThere's nothing like a good house cleaning to keep dirt and germs at bay, but all that cleaning can kick up dust clouds that may aggravate indoor allergies.
Max Minute: Hair Loss Linked To Coronavirus Pandemic-Induced StressDoctors around the world are reported more cases of "COVID-19 hair loss," according to CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez.
Max Minute: Drug Used For Gout Now Being Tested To Treat Inflammation Caused By COVID-19The search for a drug to treat COVID-19 has taken a surprising new turn.
Max Minute: New JAMA Study Says Nationwide School Closures Could've Prevented Over 1 Million COVID-19 CasesOne of the hottest debates right now is when and how to re-open schools during this pandemic.
Max Minute: Busting Common COVID-19 Myths About Deep Cleaning And Transmission To And From ChildrenThere is no doubt a lot to consider before deciding whether or not to open schools this fall, and there are a lot of misconceptions about keeping everyone safe.
Max Minute: Chiropractor Offers Suggestions On How To Ease 'Work From Home' PainsIs your back aching? Wrist throbbing? It might be your home workspace and those unusual work positions.
Max Minute: CBS News Poll Says 70% Of Americans Would Wait To Get COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Wouldn't Get One At AllA new CBS News poll says 70% of Americans would wait to get a COVID-19 vaccine or wouldn't get one at all. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez provides an update about how vaccine research is progressing.