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Max Minute: Researchers Say Rising Temperatures Not Likely To Make Significant Dent In Coronavirus PandemicIt is a topic of ongoing debate: what will happen to the coronavirus when the weather gets warmer and more humid?
Max Minute: How Much Does Vitamin D Help Against COVID-19?New studies out of Britain, Ireland and Northwestern in Chicago have found that vitamin D may play a protective role against coronavirus.
Max Minute: Steroids Eyed To Save Children From COVID-19 Kawasaki Syndrome-Like DiseaseThere has been an outbreak in seemingly healthy children of an unusual disease associated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It strongly resembles a rare pediatric disease called Kawasaki syndrome.
Coronavirus Breakthrough? Possible Antibody Cocktail May Lead To COVID-19 Cure, Doctor SaysThere could be a huge breakthrough on finding a possible treatment to help fight the coronavirus.
Max Minute: Can Coronavirus Be Transmitted Through Sweat?As the weather warms up, parks and fitness centers starting to open up, the question is what happens when we sweat: Can we transmit the coronavirus?
Max Minute: Pulse Oximeter Detects Drop In Blood-Oxygen Levels, An Indicator Of Potential COVID PneumoniaThere is a simple device that can detect this drop in blood-oxygen well before you start getting out of breath.
Max Minute: Want A Coronavirus Vaccine Fast? Be Ready For Shortcuts, Ethical Questions And RisksThe only way a coronavirus vaccine can be ready with a year or so is by taking significant, possibly risky shortcuts.
Max Minute: Caring For Your Own Protective Equipment And Following 'Corona Etiquette'Treat your mask like the life-saver it might be. Don't shove it in your pocket. Take it off carefully when you get home, don't touch the front and hang it up to dry.
Max Minute: Clearing Up Confusion About Coronavirus Vaccine ResearchThe race is on to develop a vaccine to protect against the coronavirus. But can one be developed quickly and safely?
Max Minute: Diabetes Company's Affordable, Fast Coronavirus Test May Be Key To Reopening BusinessesDiabetes testing company Decision Diagnostics Corp. says it has a test that solves all of the drawbacks common to previous testing methods.