How Much Food Should You Buy For Thanksgiving Dinner?Chef Karen Fischer says if you are concerned about not having enough food, a good rule of thumb is to always go to the higher weight.
New Jersey Daycare Shut Down, Facing Several Violations After 6-Month-Old Infant Found Covered In BruisesThe daycare owner is expected to face a judge on these code violations on Dec. 19. Anari Ormond is pushing for criminal charges.
Al Gore Compares Environmental Crisis To Pearl Harbor, 9/11 As Gov. Phil Murphy Outlines NJ Clean Energy PlanThe former vice president and environmental activist was by Murphy's side Tuesday as he signed an executive order to increase the Garden State's use of wind energy.
Exclusive: 6-Month-Old Infant Left Covered In Bruises At Unlicensed New Jersey Daycare“She told me basically that I guess my daughter was left unattended around a two-year-old and that he bit my daughter in the stomach,” Anari Ormond said. When she arrived she got a second story.
Rutgers University Warns Students Of Aggressive Coyote After Man Bitten On CampusUniversity police said a man was bitten around 4 a.m. Thursday near the school’s preserve on the Livingston campus.
Former Jersey City Police Officer Sentenced For Beating Innocent Bystander After Fiery CrashWitness video showed the officers drag the victim into the street with guns drawn and kick him while he was on fire.
Record Breaking Cold Spells Trouble For NJ Homeowner; Here Are Some Cold Weather TipsA family in New Jersey learned the hard way just how cold it was this morning. They didn't disable their sprinkler system. 
Toms River Hoping Heavy Hitter Helps Get Action On Wild Turkey InvasionToms River residents feel like their turkey troubles are not being heard. Now, a famous resident, professional athlete Todd Frazier, is stepping up to the plate and calling for action.
'They're Worse Than Dogs. They're Dangerous': Wild Turkeys Taking Over In Toms RiverSome residents of the retirement community say the large flock of wild turkeys blocks traffic, and sometimes makes it impossible to walk out the front door.
100-Year-Old World War II Veteran Shares Her Memories Of Service As A Flying NurseGage served three years as a flight nurse during World War II. She just turned 100 and the memories make her smile like she is 24 again.
Recent Hepatitis A Outbreak Has N.J. Health Officials On AlertThe New Jersey Department of Health said there have been 541 confirmed cases since Dec. 1, 2018. That's a steep increase from last year's 67 cases.