Pet Therapy Program Helps Boost Spirits Of Doctors, NursesA pet therapy program is boosting the spirits of doctors and nurses on the front lines.
Telehealth Behavioral Therapy Now Being Reimbursed By Government, Insurance CompaniesMental health issues have always taken a tremendous toll on society: Economic, physical and emotional. It's even greater during the pandemic and in a divided political climate.
CDC Survey: Coronavirus Pandemic Has Been Psychologically Crippling For Millennials, Young PeopleAfter months of isolation, uncertainty and copious suffering, it's no surprise the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the mental health of so many Americans.
New Moms Face Unique Mental Health Challenges During Coronavirus PandemicLiving through the pandemic is difficult for all families juggling work, school and stress, but one group facing unique mental health challenges is new moms.
Former First Lady Michelle Obama Opens Up About Mental Health: 'I Am Dealing With Some Form Of Low-Grade Depression'"About 1 in 5 U.S. citizens will meet criteria for depression at some point during their lifetime," said psychiatrist Dr. Victor Fornari of the Zucker Hillside Hospital.
Long Island Man Helping Minorities Fight Stigma That Comes With Discussions About Mental HealthLong Island native and author Mike Veny is hoping his book, Transforming Stigma, will help change the way Black Americans view mental health and asking for help.
Many People Experiencing 'FOGO,' Or Fear Of Going Out, As More Places ReopenRecent studies show many Americans are worried about re-entering society after months of isolation.
NJ Therapists Offer Free Zoom Sessions To First Responders, FamiliesThey believe helping to connect first responders with mental health services will absolutely save lives in the long run.
NYC Enlists U.S. Military Experts To Help Front-Line Workers Manage 'Combat Stress'A team of Air Force, Army and Navy service members will share their expertise on combat-related trauma.
Expert: Coronavirus Mental Health Curve Will Take Even Longer To FlattenThe effects on our mental health could be felt long after the coronavirus pandemic ends.
Coronavirus Update: 'Help Is Here,' Nassau Still Offering Mental Health And Substance Abuse ServiceThe Department of Social Services is “100% staffed and functional,” officials said Wednesday morning.