COVID Impact: Advocates Say Pandemic Causing Rising Mental Health Issues, Suicide Rates And Exploding Opioid CrisisFamilies on Long Island on Thursday called for more funding to help the increasing number of people suffering from mental illness and substance disorders.
Thrive NYC Director: City's New Mental Health Response Pilot Program To Begin In HarlemThe information came during a City Council hearing, as lawmakers try to improve the way they respond to these vulnerable New Yorkers.
MTA Urging City To Take Action As Felony Assaults On Subways, Buses RiseThe chairman of the transportation committee says he wants the city and the state to work on this problem together.
COVID Impact On Children: Experts Say It's Important For Parents To Validate Their Kids' Feelings, Impose Daily RoutinesThe coronavirus pandemic is taking a mental toll on all of us, especially children.
Demanding Answers: New Yorkers Grow More Concerned About Subway Crime, Curtailed NYPD Involvement In Mental Health CrisisSome New Yorkers are growing more concerned about a nightmarish rash of subway shoving incidents and the curtailment of NYPD involvement in dealing with emotionally disturbed people.
Westchester County Officials Tout Mental Health Resources For Residents Struggling With Anxiety, Depression And More During PandemicMonths of stress and social distancing are taking a toll, and inspiring an effort in Westchester County to spread the word about help for mental health. 
Interim MTA Pres. Sarah Feinberg Asks Mayor De Blasio To Boost NYPD Presence In Transit System Amid City's Growing Mental Health Crisis, Increasing Subway CrimeThe MTA is asking Mayor Bill de Blasio for more NYPD officers to patrol subways and buses. The transit agency cites a recent increase in crime and worsening mental health crisis in the city.
Psychologist Encourages Staying Connected, Looking For Bright Spots As 2021 Gets Off To A Stressful StartPsychologists say in every stressful, or even tragic, situation, we should look to the bright spots, the helpers, to give us hope.
Experts Caution Against Harsh New Year's Resolutions: 'Less Egoic, More Enriching'Mental health experts say people should not pick any resolutions that tap into shame they feel about themselves.
Coronavirus Mental Health: As Parents' Fears Rise, Expert Offers Coping Strategies For ChildrenAs the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, a new survey finds parents are worried about the impact on their children's mental health.
Feeling Stressed While Waiting For Election Results? Experts Say Stay Active, Don't Isolate Yourself And Take BreaksYou don't have to turn off social media or the news, just take breaks to quiet your mind.